Chap Petersen Endorses Babur Lateef


    I’m glad to see indications that Democrats are unifying around the party’s nominee, Babur Lateef, to take on raging xenophobe Corey Stewart for Prince William County Board Chair!

    Chap Petersen Endorses Babur Lateef for Chairman

    Woodbridge, VA — Today Dr. Babur Lateef, Democratic candidate for Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors announced that his campaign has received the endorsement of State Senator Chap Petersen. Senator Petersen has served in the State Senate since 2007 and served in the House of Delegates from 2001 to 2005.

    “I’m proud to endorse Babur Lateef for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.  Having met Babur and heard his vision for Prince William, I am convinced he is the type of young and energetic leader that will unite the County and move it forward in a business-friendly way.  Babur is focused on Prince William and its citizens, not higher office.  He will be a citizen-lawmaker in the best Virginia tradition” Senator Petersen said.

    Upon receiving Petersen’s endorsement Dr. Lateef noted that he was humbled by the support. “Senator Petersen is a role model for Democratic candidates and for elected officials. I believe Senator Petersen represents a new era of Democratic politics in the Commonwealth and his energy and focus as a candidate is unparalleled. I am humbled by his support and I look forward to working together as partners to bring a new vision to the Northern Virginia region.”

    Senator Petersen joins Congressman Jim Moran and others in endorsing Lateef’s candidacy for Prince William County Chairman. Lateef, an eye surgeon from Woodbridge, quickly established himself as an energetic challenger to current Chairman Corey Stewart, whose naked ambition for higher office has proven to be a disservice to Prince William County’s more than 400,000 residents. Dr. Lateef was the top Democratic fundraiser in the state in the first quarter, raising over $150,000 in just 71 days.

    • NewVirginia

      Thank you, Senator Petersen! Prince William County needs new leadership — badly and Dr. Lateef is going to be a wonderful Supervisor when he replaces the divisive Corey Stewart. They need a Board that reflects the diverse and dynamic county that Prince William has become — and who can lead the way to an higher level economic prosperity that the people there deserve!  

    • bruce roemmelt

      Dr. L is the real deal.

      He believes in the Dem ideals, lives them

      and is a retail politics freak of nature!

      As the new Prince William Dems chair I am so fortunate to have Babur heading our ticket.