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David Englin Strikes Back!


I’ve gotta say one thing about David Englin, he sure doesn’t back down from a fight, even – or especially? – when he’s dead wrong on every level! Check this out from his Washington Post op-ed.

However, the trip has understandably raised eyebrows and ire among constituents, environmental activists and editorial boards, who perceive it as Virginia Uranium’s effort to buy our votes. To make matters worse, a senior Democrat from Northern Virginia, who knew full well the itinerary and was already en route, opted out of the trip only after the news media reported his scheduled participation, feeding the notion that we were up to no good.  

So why would somebody like me, who has spent the past three terms in the House of Delegates building a record and reputation as a good-government progressive and environmental activist, agree to participate in such an excursion?

Englin proceeds to explain why he went to France on Virginia Uranium’s dime (or maybe Euro?). He’s pretty persuasive, too; heck, by the end, even I was just about convinced! Ha, well, maybe not. Anyway, check out what Del. Englin has to say, and let us know what you think. Thanks. Or perhapsI say, in keeping with the subject, “merci beaucoup!”

P.S. Now, time to open a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau and celebrate the start of “le jour de l’Indépendance” weekend. 🙂

P.P.S. Graphic courtesy of NLS

  • Roy Coffey are using this trip to pound Republicans:

    Del. Scott Lingamfelter went sightseeing on an all expense paid trip to France, courtesy of the Virginia Uranium lobby. Instead of working on solutions to the real issues we face, Del. Lingamfelter was lounging on the Seine with lobbyists. That’s not exactly working hard for your constituents.

  • The Richmonder

    Beaujolais Nouveau won’t be ready until late November.  Englin probably drinking champagne and eating foie gras out of some lobbyist’s belly button.

  • kindler

    …but getting a mine tour from Virginia Uranium guarantees about as unbiased a situation as getting a government-sponsored tour of North Korea.  

    And the free trip to France, besides violating the standard ethics rule of appearance — it’s not enough to follow the rules but also essential to avoid situations that look and smell wrong — but it also risks putting a public official in bed with special interests with business currently before the General Assembly.  Any 10-year-old who reads the paper can figure this one out — it’s about as cut and dried as it gets.  

  • The one positive I see in this excursion is that, I think with all the flack Englin has gotten, this has made him far less likely to vote for lifting the ban, or at least I would hope so. If he does vote to lift the ban, it would raise the nauseating stench that he was bribed, if I may use the word, to do so through this trip.

    Now, can we go back to attacking Republicans in preparation for November?

  • cragghines

    The junket smelled before he went, and it still smells now that he’s back.  

  • truthteller

    Englin votes for uranium mining after all this attention. He was very open about what he was doing and why and I expect him to honor his commitment to use the information he gathered to oppose uranium mining in the Commonwealth.  

  • pvogel

    And I wont chastize him for a trip  that I would have loved to take.

    Next time, delegates, tell the uranium folks you want to see athabaska, canada( High northern Alberta)   and make the trip in december, right before the legis session.

    The boreal forest has been destroyed in the  mining of Uranium, and  shale oil.