Kaine’s Super PAC should not obviate his standing with Virginia’s voters on Election Day


    Unfortunately, in the world of politics, in order to win you have to drag yourself into the mud with your opponent. Former Virginia governor Tim Kaine appears to have done just that as the New Virginia PAC was created for the U.S. Senate hopeful Kaine just days after challenging George Allen to come clean with his Super PAC donors.

    Kaine’s New Virginia PAC was created by two former aides of U.S. Senator Mark Warner, Steve Bouchard and Harmony Knutson.

    For all of the criticism that Kaine will receive for this move, what else was Kaine and his supporters supposed to do, allow George Allen to flood every medium with pro-Allen ads while Kaine floundered in the no-man’s land of political integrity?

    It brings up that old question: do the means justify the ends? If Kaine’s Super PAC makes the difference between a Kaine victory and a Kaine loss, then yes, the means justify the ends.

    There is no doubt that Tim Kaine is a better leader, a better politician, and a man who is concerned just as much with the average Virginian as he is with the fat cats whose names are essentially cemented into every hall of power in D.C.

    Political integrity may be hard to come by, but a good politician and a better man may be even more rare.  

    • pontoon

      and playing political gamesmanship on this issue. Kaine should not have challenged George Allen on his Super PAC if he intended to create one of his own. It makes it appear as though he was just playing politics to the general public. issue.  Not helpful, IMHO.

    • ThadHunter

      Why can’t a former DNC Chairman, aka chief Democrat Party fundraiser, and the most visible and vocal supporter of Barack Obama raise all of his own funding?

    • aznew

      is whether the New Virginia PAC is transparent about donations.

      Kaine did not suggest to Allen that they forego using PACs. All Kaine suggested was that they require full disclosure of donors.

      So, the formation of a PAC on Kaine’s behalf is not inconsistent with his challenge to Allen.

      But, that said, the proof here will be in the pudding. Kaine obviously has no control over this PAC, and I don’t know all the nuances of when a candidate’s public statements cross the line into some kind of sub rosa influence over a PAC, but Kaine should make as clear as he legally can that he is completely uninterested in the support of any PAC that does not fully disclose its donors.

      In other words, Kaine should comply with his challenge to Allen despite Allen’s refusal to sign on.

      Then the political contrast is between one candidate who is transparent, and one who is trying to hide something from the voters.

      Beyond the political advantage, disclosing donors clearly and honestly is simply the right thing to do.