Don’t let them get away with voter registration fraud in Virginia


    Last week a contractor for the Republican Party of Virginia was arrested in Harrisonburg and charged with throwing away voter registration forms. Attorney General Cuccinelli, no stranger to using his office for partisan gain, so far has refused to investigate. There’s every reason to believe these violations could be more widespread. The company the contractor worked for has been operating in localities across the Commonwealth. There’s no excuse for not protecting the vote and ensuring the integrity of our elections so we’re asking for help.

    Yesterday, Congressmen Jim Moran, Bobby Scott, and Gerry Connolly called on Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to investigate. Please join the Democratic Congressmen of Virginia and ProgressVA in calling for federal officials to investigate voter registration fraud in Virginia.

    Why do we think the problem could be more widespread? Just last month, RPV fired Strategic Allied Consulting, a firm they had hired to do voter registration, over fraud allegations. But according to news reports, RPV kept paying many of Strategic Allied’s former employees, including the contractor who was arrested in Harrisonburg. It’s clear we can’t trust RPV or Ken Cuccinelli when they say they take election integrity seriously.

    We’re asking federal officials to step in because Cuccinelli has refused to investigate his own party. We’re asking two government entities for help: the first is the Department of Justice, which monitors and protects voting rights across the country. The second is Congressman Elijah Cummings, the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee. He’s already initiated an investigation into voter suppression in states across the country and we’re asking him to expand that investigation to include Virginia.

    Our elections should be free, fair, and accessible. We need a fair, thorough, and transparent investigation to determine the extent of this problem and ensure Virginians that every eligible voter can cast a ballot. Please take a moment now and add your name to our call for a federal investigation into voter registration fraud in Virginia.

    • totallynext

      No voter or no individual has done anything wrong,ie casting an erroneous ballot!


    • U2Bneutral

      From FCDC HQ in Fairfax


      We have received several reports of touch screen voting machines switching the names on the ballot before the vote is cast.  If you see or hear of this happening, please do the following:

         * Stop and alert the Election Officer – don’t vote on that machine

         * Record the number of the voting machine

         * Record the name and phone number of the voter affected

         * Send that information to us at

      Also, we encourage voters to use paper ballots (optical scan machine) where available.

      Thanks and feel free to contact us if you have any issues.

      -Fairfax County Democrats

      (703) 573-6811