McAuliffe becomes latest Democrat to support offshore drilling for oil and natural gas


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    I won’t be diplomatic about Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe’s change of face regarding offshore oil drilling. In an about face that dovetailed both U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and Mark Warner’s (Virginia) bill to overturn the federal hold on offshore drilling in coastal waters, McAuliffe expressed support for offshore drilling for oil.

    Previously, McAuliffe expressed his support for exploratory drilling for natural gas, not oil. With his Democratic pals pushing to throw more oil and natural gas rigs into America’s coastal waters, McAuliffe has adjudged that the political winds are ripe for a political change of face and a stab in the back to environmentally conscious Virginians who so ardently backed his candidacy.

    “Terry believes we need to support coal workers, both through increased exports throughout the world, and workforce training to ensure that displaced workers can find new careers,” McAuliffe spokesman Josh Schwerin said. “The fact is, we need an all of the above energy policy that focuses on increasing renewable energy like wind and solar while supporting existing Virginia industries.”

    Support coal workers, WTF?! I have a bitter pill I’d like the coal industry and its employees to swallow: your time is up, so get over it and find jobs elsewhere.

    Furthermore, the FACT is, Josh, that we need clean and renewable energy so we don’t prematurely wipe ourselves off of this rock the human species overwhelmingly calls planet earth. That’s the FACT.

    I get it, the strategy behind McAuliffe’s political move (and Warner’s and Kaine’s). These public servants think they have the environmental vote locked away, if they’re even concerned about it at all. Instead of serving its base, these symbols of Democratic Party politics in Virginia have decided to appeal to middle-of-the-road Virginians (i.e., conservatives) and  turn their backs on any short term hopes for a smarter list of energy policies.

    Good luck in the upcoming election, McAuliffe. Let’s hope your ‘moderate appeal’ truly was worth the about face on energy and a good portion of your base.  

    • kindler

      … through “workforce training to ensure that displaced workers can find new careers”: that makes perfect sense.

      But supporting them through increased exports makes no sense to any leader who gives a damn about climate change.  At the moment, we do not seem to have any such leader, even among so-called “Democrats.”  Those who do care about the future need to raise our voices until Democratic leaders start listening.  

    • GBrandon

      I’d just like to point out in all seriousness that industrial quality hemp might be an way for people to make a living in southwest Virginia.


      See… for details.

      Kentucky just legalized production of industrial hemp (  “The Kentucky State Police the authority to do background checks on farmers who apply to grow hemp. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture will handle licenses and testing.  The University of Kentucky will also have a key role with research and development.”

    • ToddSmyth

      I had been saying there are no 2012 Romney voters that will vote for McAuliffe this year, However, with the radical ticket the GOP just put on the board, it seems more likely. This may be an attempt to go after them? The problem is it deflates our base.