My Letter to AG Mark Herring: Stand Tall Against Dominion’s Domination of Our Political System


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    Dear Attorney General Mark Herring:

    I was so very pleased to see one politician stand up to the ridiculous proposal by a “public service” utility, Dominion Va. Power, to remove itself from public scrutiny and to pretend to place a ceiling on rates for years, that is really more a floor. It should be unbelievable that such a bill could pass the General Assembly, but Dominion pays generously to every politician’s campaigns, including yours, Attny. Gen. Herring! But you are that one politician–you’re not letting Dominion’s contribution transform you into a servant of Dominion instead of serving the people of Virginia. Thank you for that.

    Imagine, a utility that enjoys a state-sanctioned monopoly hiding it’s books from it’s customers, the SCC, and you, the people’s attorney. The company is using the General Assembly to guarantee excess profits that it knows the SCC would require be refunded to customers. We don’t have to imagine; it’s happening right here, right now!

    I was pleased to see that Henry Howell III is taking Dominion on, too, just like his father did and just as you must continue to do and can do far more effectively as AG. Henry Howell taught us all the importance of “Keeping the big boys honest.” The citizens of Virginia desperately need you to stand up to Dominion which also is the largest contributor to political campaigns of some of our delegates here in Southwest Virginia, hundreds of miles from the nearest Dominion customer.

    Virginia needs you to stand tall against Dominion’s domination of our politics, and it’s selfishly successful efforts to control state energy and environmental policy. It’s a travesty and a shame that Virginia politics have become so corrupted by this powerful corporation.

    I ask that you take every opportunity as Attorney General to frustrate Dominion’s dominance of the SCC, solar energy and energy efficiency incentives, control of off-shore wind, opposition to reasonable climate action by the EPA, and more.

    Now it’s your turn, reader. You can write Attorney General Herring here. Also, please copy and paste your letter in the comments section.

    • CADeminVA

      Dear Attorney General Herring,

      Please stand with the people of Virginia against the outrageous attempt by Dominion Virgina Power to avoid scrutiny and evade all public responsibility. No matter that you have been a beneficiary of Dominion’s campaign largess, you must stand up to this blatant attempt to cheat the Commonwealth and its rate-payers. I have confidence that you will do the right thing and prevent this naked grab of power and profits.

    • kindler

      And other Democratic politicians need to take note of how revered leaders like Herring and Elizabeth Warren are when they stand up for the regular folks against the powerful special interests.

      C’mon guys, show a little courage and integrity. It will not only help your career but make it easier for you to look in the mirror….

    • swvagrl

      Dominion Power has two meanings in Virginia. First, it is the name for the company that provides electricity to many households in the state, but the second meaning of its name is much more alarming: It has dominion and power over the legislators who make decisions about how the state is governed. I have heard members of the Virginia General Assembly say that they cannot vote against Dominion because of all the money and assistance Dominion provides to them. I’m afraid that I have grown cynical about legislators who are supposedly elected to represent constituents, but over and over again, vote against our interests.

      As a member of a county Democratic Committee in a leadership position, I used to work for all Democrats. Now, I am only going to work hard for those who have the courage to stand up for what is right for their state and their region. I know that legislators have to make difficult votes at times, but allowing Dominion Power to withdraw from SCC audit and review by the general public is astonishing. Dominion is a polluter and a contributor to global warming by its use of fossil fuels; and the General Assembly wants to give the company the power to potentially make even more money from dirty fuels. I am distressed that so many bills that could impact the environment positively have failed to even get to a vote this session.

      I implore you to continue to stand up to Dominion; we do not need a monopoly dictating votes of members of the GA who don’t have the backbone to put constituents’ health, safety, and economic well-being ahead of their own monetary gains. Supposedly, the GA is working on greater transparency in government by not accepting gifts. The kind of influence Dominion is exerting is what needs to be fixed in Richmond if clean government is really the intention of those who govern. Please continue to be worthy of the trust we put in you as Attorney General by standing up for the rights of the citizens of the Commonwealth.