My Letter to AG Mark Herring: Stand Tall Against Dominion’s Domination of Our Political System


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    Dear Attorney General Mark Herring:

    I was so very pleased to see one politician stand up to the ridiculous proposal by a “public service” utility, Dominion Va. Power, to remove itself from public scrutiny and to pretend to place a ceiling on rates for years, that is really more a floor. It should be unbelievable that such a bill could pass the General Assembly, but Dominion pays generously to every politician’s campaigns, including yours, Attny. Gen. Herring! But you are that one politician–you’re not letting Dominion’s contribution transform you into a servant of Dominion instead of serving the people of Virginia. Thank you for that.

    Imagine, a utility that enjoys a state-sanctioned monopoly hiding it’s books from it’s customers, the SCC, and you, the people’s attorney. The company is using the General Assembly to guarantee excess profits that it knows the SCC would require be refunded to customers. We don’t have to imagine; it’s happening right here, right now!

    I was pleased to see that Henry Howell III is taking Dominion on, too, just like his father did and just as you must continue to do and can do far more effectively as AG. Henry Howell taught us all the importance of “Keeping the big boys honest.” The citizens of Virginia desperately need you to stand up to Dominion which also is the largest contributor to political campaigns of some of our delegates here in Southwest Virginia, hundreds of miles from the nearest Dominion customer.

    Virginia needs you to stand tall against Dominion’s domination of our politics, and it’s selfishly successful efforts to control state energy and environmental policy. It’s a travesty and a shame that Virginia politics have become so corrupted by this powerful corporation.

    I ask that you take every opportunity as Attorney General to frustrate Dominion’s dominance of the SCC, solar energy and energy efficiency incentives, control of off-shore wind, opposition to reasonable climate action by the EPA, and more.

    Now it’s your turn, reader. You can write Attorney General Herring here. Also, please copy and paste your letter in the comments section.


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