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As Hundreds of Thousands Marched Against Gun Violence, Here’s The Lunacy, Idiocy, etc. Virginia Republicans Tweeted


As hundreds of thousands marched yesterday – led by amazing, courageous, passionate, brilliant, inspiring young people – against the scourge of gun violence in this country, what were Virginia Republicans tweeting about? A lot of them either said nothing at all/silence or tweeted about mundane stuff like attending a Little League baseball game or whatever. But then there were a bunch, including the Republican Party of Virginia, leading Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, and the Virginia Senate Majority Leader who had…uh, stuff to say.

Check it out below, starting with the ever-entertaining-in-an-insane-kinda-way Corey Stewart, who almost defeated Ed Gillespie last year for the VA GOP’s gubernatorial nomination,, and now is running a self-described “vicious” campaign to take on Sen. Tim Kaine this summer/fall.

State Sen. Dick Black (far-right R), who also is obsessed with controlling women’s bodies, persecuting LGBT people and  heaping praise upon war criminal Bashar Assad.

This one, by Rep. Tom Garrett (R-VA05), was actually tweeted out in the days leading up to the #MarchforOurLives, but it very much sums up the mindset of a lot of right wingnuts about how a woman’s right to control her own body is somehow equivalent to the epidemic of gun violence in this country.

Check this drivel out from far-right, 2018 Virginia Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Del. Nick Freitas

Gun nut extraordinaire Virginia House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert (R) chimes in with his…uh…thoughts?

Virginia Republican Party spokesman Garren Shipley shows where his party’s head is at…not a pretty picture.

Long-time conservative blogger and 2011 Republican candidate for District 37 of the Virginia House of Delegates Brian Schoeneman chimes in with this gem.

And last but…ok, last (LOL), here’s former VA GOP Chair, former Republican National Committee member and former Virginia Delegate Jeff Frederick, the gift that keeps on giving (or something).

  • Oh yeah, they were also ripping each other apart over whether/how to expel one of their (many?) bigoted members…Fredy Burgos. Check it out!


  • Roger Miller

    Did Saturday feel different? Did it feel like an icy blast in the faces of our two purple-state senators? Were those kids screaming at Kaine and Warner for being the adults who failed them? Virginia has changed, not purple anymore. And the Parkland young people are just accelerating that change. Don’t we want senators who sound (and look) more like Sen. Amy Klobuchar and less like Sen. Bob Corker?

    Our accidental senator only won his job because voters thought he was John Warner’s son, then squeaked through a reelection in a contest he should have won easily. Both owe their early success to the benevolence of Dominion Power. The age of Virginia Democrats who might be confused for Republicans by the national media is coming to an end.

    We can send a message to both by withholding our votes from Kaine in November. Progressives don’t need to high-five Kaine, after all we’re not really that into too-big-to-fail banks. Focus on the down ballot. He will win anyway, functionally unopposed. But the message will be sent, “thank you for your service.” Kaine can find a university presidency or law school deanship. Warner can create a charitable foundation for some of his questionably-gotten millions.

    We can huddle together in our tribe and pretend Republicans are the only problem. Or we can look in the mirror.

    • RobertColgan

      Term limits. Even most of the good ones tend to sour over time in the DC morass. There’s a shared ethos there of pure avarice that eventually pervades all but the truly conscientious.

      Be a shame to lose vital voices, like Bernie Sanders, but the obstructionism of the incumbent self-aggrandizing majority in Congress negates a lot of the more effective legislators’ efforts. Term limits for Congress could possibly see them out of office for a term, sit out a term, then back in another term. Terms could be 6 yrs.

      Personally, I want to see a special election held which would install gender parity—so each State would have an equal number of women and men as reps and senators, or a slight majority of women to reflect the demographic.
      I’d also like to see viable candidates examined for psychopathy. We don’t want that kind in leadership. Too dangerous.
      I’d like to see anyone who has served as paid lobbyist eliminated from candidacy consideration.
      No private funds for elections: viable candidates would get a set am’t of public funds, to be used wisely, and no more. Instant jail time for transgressors.
      Get rid of lobbyists.

  • Harry

    So, Corey gathered together his usual band of 20 white supremacists, neo-nazis and pedephiles to praise Trump, he did leave out Rasputin Bolton. Every Democrat should hope that Stewart is the nominee, when he gets destroyed perhaps he’ll take his stench and return to MN.

  • And of course lunacy/idiocy from Republican Rick Santorum:


    • RobertColgan

      Santorum unfailingly continues to substantiate his position as a neologism in the Urban Dictionary.

      • He sure does manage to live down to that particular neologism, doesn’t he?

  • Oh, and here’s Corey Stewart’s spokesman:


  • God b watching U

    We’re not sure WHY you don’t like people to own and carry firearms. It is legal to do. If it is so apparent that they should not why are you having such a difficult time convincing them? A reasonable opponent of 2A rights must answer that.

    Don’t you ask people who oppose abortion rights why they do? They are opposing what you consider a Constitutional right. It is only proper, therefore, that you ask them to say clearly WHY they oppose a Constitutional right to abortion. They should reasonably answer.

    JUST SO YOU should answer: WHY do you oppose a Constitutional right to own and to carry firearms? Can you do? You surely should try to do if you are serious about opposing their rights, and/or to convince them by the glory of your rational mind, shouldn’t you?

    Of course you should be careful what you say as reasons. Because if – as so many of the placards say – ‘to save lives’ …. well, that is one of the reasons that the persons who oppose abortions ALSO GIVE. So be careful how you respond so not to sound like a creepy hypocrite, like a ‘mini-Big Whopper Teller Sanders’ or something something like that? Right?

    • Dan Sullivan

      As articulate as you are, maybe you don’t know enough about Mr. Madison to understand he would not get your point, whatever it is.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      When someone starts asking straw-man questions like that It poisons any debate right from the get go. First off the Democratic party is asking for an assault weapons ban, stronger background check system and the closing of gun-show loopholes. Let me be quite clear about this.

      THEIR IS ZERO QUESTION THAT THIS IS FULLY CONSTITUTIONAL!!! No less then arch-conservative Scalia himself said that in the Heller opinion he authored. So your presenting a completely fallacious argument here, the NRA can not hide behind any kind of constitutional argument here.

      Now PERSONALLY I feel the Heller decision absurdly expanded the 2nd Amendment beyond any historical precedent or honest interpretation of the founding fathers intent. The right to bear arms is clearly connected to state militia service, that is why they call it ‘bear’ as in to bear a burden of serving in a militia, much like we are required to serve on juries. The 2nd Amendment is only between the federal government and states and prevents the feds from preventing the states form having a militia, nothing more.

      • God b watching U

        It is not a ‘straw man’ (sic: any gender identity(ies) or non-identities, or alternative identity(ies), or non-terrestrial or our space-time reality identity(ies)) argument.
        It is a policy and electoral strategy argument. Our argument is that
        – deaths by firearms (suicide, homicide, accident) should be RARE
        – deaths by abortion should be RARE
        – deaths by police or state action should be RARE
        Campaigning that these should be rare touch on many important policy matters of public health and public safety, touch on transcendent moral values, and should be a winning electoral strategy.

        • Kenneth Ferland

          Your not fooling anyone, you came in here falsely claiming the 2nd Amendment is being attacked (a talking point strait from Fox news). And then asked a series of purely rhetorical questions that serve only as vehicles to attack the motivation of the march participants.

          • God b watching U

            Oh, so unborn infants are ‘rhetorical’ objects?! police killings are ‘rhetorical’ objects?

            Any Democrats who cannot state clearly that deaths by abortion should be RARE, deaths by firearms should be RARE, and deaths by police or the state action should be RARE …. deserve to lose.

            And here in the Fifth District we’ll see how that goes.

    • Guest

      The answer I’ve heard most people in these protests give is that they don’t want to see themselves, their friends, or their family end up as victims of gun violence. For school kids, they want to go to school to learn and socialize with their friends, not spend their time practicing active shooter drills or worrying about whether they are about to be victims of a mass murder.

      I’m not sure how you could be uncertain about that motivation, or find that difficult to understand.

      Personally, I’m not inherently opposed to people owning firearms. I’d like to be sure though that those who chose to do that have made at least some demonstration of their competence and level of responsibility commensurate with the amount of lethal force we are entrusting them with (not just the firearm but the ammo as well).

      I think it’s fair to say that the average apartment dweller doesn’t have the need or training to use a fully automatic weapon with high capacity magazines full of mixed armor piercing and incendiary rounds for self defense. I’ll go out on a limb and say that most gun enthusiasts would agree.

      We need to acknowledge that some firearms and ammo aren’t appropriate for normal use, and that people who what to use them need to go through some extra hoops to get them. This is the way to put the “responsible” in “responsible gun owner”.

    • Ed Zavada

      Two man of the folks who carry firearms for self defense are happily explain that it’s because they distrust others. But then they turn around and insist we trust them.

      That seems unfair and unreasonable. I’d prefer to entrust lethal weapons to people who are fair and reasonable instead.

  • Garren Shipley

    Always nice to make Blue Virginia! And with nothing more than a series of RTs! I’m honored. Deeply, truly honored.

    • Happy to “honor” you in this way; will continue to do so in the future, where deserved. 🙂

      • Garren Shipley

        Thank you! Always a pleasure! Wouldn’t know how to start my day without your collection links from Salon, Vox, Mother Jones, and Think Progress.

        • Actually, I link to almost any news about Virginia, including conservative blogs that VPAP refuses to link to, plus national news from reputable news sites (e.g., not Breitbart, Fox, Daily Caller, or some of your other faves…LOL)

          • Garren Shipley

            That was a genuine compliment above, btw. It may shock you to hear that I’m not an expert on the left-wing zeitgeist, so your rundown is a very much appreciated insight.

          • Uh huh…gotcha.

          • Garren Shipley

            Then let me be more clear. Thank you for doing clips every morning. It is useful, and I appreciate it.

          • Thanks.

      • Garren Shipley

        While I’ve got your attention, any chance you could get Tim Kaine to say whether or not he agrees with Hillary’s comments about “backward” places? For some reason, he really doesn’t seem to want to talk about that. I know you two are close. Maybe you can get an answer. I certainly can’t.

        • Your obsession with Hillary Clinton is…let’s just say a bit odd. Kinda like so many in your party.

          • Garren Shipley

            Guess that’s a no. Shame, really. Good chance for Kaine to say what he thinks about the parts of Virginia that didn’t vote for him in ’16.

  • Jim B

    There was a discussion on MSNBC last evening and mental health was brought up. Like the NRA would consider mental health as to why all these shootings are taking place, but looking at those who chose to demonstrate against the march for our lives shows that mental illness is what all the gun nuts like our republican politicians in Va. have. Their use of the 2nd amendment actually supports more killings. They probably have already inspired some gun nut to take action somewhere.

  • old_redneck

    Thanks to Shipley and God for reinforcing the conclusion that the entire GOP is either stark raving mad or dumber than a box of rocks.

    • True Virginian

      Im guessing you can stand beside them waving the stark raving mad or dumber than a box of rocks flag :). Bad mouthing people for trying to resolve the same problem from different perspectives doesn’t help the situation.

  • True Virginian

    Lowell for some reason my post has mysteriously disappeared regarding the strange absence of any discussion of the authorities and background check failures accounting for multiple mass shootings during the march. I’m guessing this was an accident or technical issue. Please let me know if you can find the issue and if not let me know and I will re-post it. 🙂

    • It went into Disqus’ spam folder for whatever reason (not idea why – I’ve looked into this and can’t figure out how Disqus determines what is “spam”), so I just manually approved it.