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Video, Photos: Here’s How Ralph Northam’s Promise to Be “Environmentally Responsible” Is Working Out So Far


As a candidate for governor last year, Ralph Northam promised repeatedly (e.g., see here for video from a September 2017 debate with Ed Gillespie) that if built, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline would be done in an environmentally responsible way, following “the science” and “the law,” etc. Since he became governor, Northam has made similar claims, such as in late April, when he said “we’re using some of the most stringent parameters environmentally that have ever been used for these projects in Virginia.

So now that the pipelines are being built, how’s that all working out? Here are some photos and videos (by Appalachians Against Pipelines, Little Teel Crossing, Preserve Floyd, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, etc.) from the past few days…judge for yourself whether Northam was telling the truth or not.

“Erosion along the route. Heavy machinery repeated tracks has created massive amounts of mud and silt, which runs directly into creeks and other waterways. The company’s erosion and sediment permits are currently being challenged in court.”

“The creeks have been full of mud and silt. MVP’s cutting, digging, and traffic combined with heavy rain caused massive erosion and sediment issues this past week.”

“Ink is perched in a tree just behind the center oak (large whitish tree in middle of photo).”

“MVP continues to cut just yards away from the tree sitter as community members watch from just across the creek. Hours ago this land was full of life. The difference is stark.”

“They are cutting giant trees 15 feet from the sit! Make it known that MVP has no regard to the saftey of the tree sitter. #noMVP”

“Devastation in Franklin County”

“Photos from Franklin County, VA. This is a paved state road, Cahas Mountain Road covered in sediment from tree clearing. Locals on the scene say the mud is 12” to 18” thick. The road is closed. The nearby creek is running red. Governor of Virginia we told you and VADEQ you can’t hold the soils on our steep mountain slopes. #NoMVP photos by Emily Beckner Guilliams”

  • Pragmatic Progressive

    I feel that the heavy rain we’ve been having this past week in Southside and South Western VA is climate change related. I feel like we’re living in the tropics.

  • RobertColgan

    Nothing like mucking everything up.
    Screwing over the people and the environment.
    Trump, Pruitt, Zinke, Sessions, Mulvaney, Mnuchin, Pence Acosta, Carson, DeVos, Perry, Haley, Bolton, and ……..Ralph Northam.

    Ralph . . . . .you really want to be clumped in with this crowd?
    For godssake, man—– Err on the side of the people ——— not Dominion.

  • Another photo of environmental destruction for Gov. Northam’s perusal as he enjoys Memorial Day weekend…


  • Laura

    Call Northam and leave a message: 804-786-2211

    You have to let it ring a LONG time and the greeting tells you to hang up and dial 911 if it’s an emergency. Yeah, it’s an emergency alright! The emergency is the complete absence of action behind Northam’s claims of compassion and respect for science. His silence and his indifference are almost as stomach-lurching as these photos and images of destruction and attack on a protester.

    • Henry Howell

      Ralph is like Chief on “Get Smart”, except Ralph likes to keep the Cone of Silence lowered all the time.

  • Southern Liberal

    Did anyone here stop and think that, with ex-Republicans leaving the Republican party because of how extremist the Republican party has become in recent years, perhaps these moderate Republicans joining the Democratic party is causing the Democratic party to move a bit to the right?

    • Rustbelt Democrat

      I see politics as being like a pendulum. Sometimes it swings left, sometimes it swings right.

    • Rational Lefty

      Personally, I think we need more than two parties to adequately represent people.

  • Ex-Republican, Now Democrat

    Precisely. The pipeline situation isn’t all human caused. The extreme weather in the area is a factor.

    • Jason

      The erosion is most definitely human caused. This weather is not all that extreme. The mountains are used to heavy rains; it just happens more often now thanks to climate change. And that is something we are obligated to take into account.

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