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Thursday, August 16, 2018
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The Wandering Canvasser Visits Stafford County

We approached the man as he sat on his front porch, flyswatter in hand. Joshua Cole introduced himself, said that he was running for...

Vote Wise-ly 

I live in a bubble. It's a lovely little bubble in Northern Virginia. Sure, I have problems--my kids' college is expensive, my Metro commute...

The Wandering Canvasser Visits Greene County

As we walked up the street toward the next address on our VAN list of Democratic and Independent voters, we saw a Ford pickup...

The Wandering Canvasser visits Floyd County

I spent the day today canvassing in rural Floyd County, with Flo Ketner, who’s running for the House of Delegates in District 7. It’s...

Northam Gives Interview to Far-Right-Wing Talk Radio, Gives the Finger to Progressives

by Cindy Cunningham Yesterday, Ralph Northam, who we haven’t seen much of since his June 13th win in the primary, emerged in an interview on the...
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