Home Politicians “Is the GOP’s Scott Rigell Another Ken Cuccinelli?”

“Is the GOP’s Scott Rigell Another Ken Cuccinelli?”


Verrry interesting.

… Scott Rigell, a local auto dealership owner with long ties to the Pat Robertson elements of the Christian Right. Perusing Rigell’s campaign website it looks amazingly much like Bob McDonnell’s did and even talks about ” I WILL SERVE EVERY PART OF OUR COMMUNITY.” But on closer inspection, it be comes clear that Scott Rigell will serve you only if you belong to a particular part of the community. And gays clearly have no place in that community. Repeated requests for a clarification of Ridgell’s position on ENDA and DADT repeal have gone unanswered. Equally telling, the page on his website dealing with “family values” is something that The Family Foundation might have written (who knows, maybe it did)…

Also, here’s Rigell speaking at a Tea Party event (he misspells the word “anniversery” in the title) and basically declaring himself to be a Tea Party candidate. That’s fine, but then why is he running as a Republican and why is he pretending to be a moderate and not another Ken Cuccinelli? Quick, someone ask Rigell if he thinks President Obama was born in the United States or whether global warming is real. The answers should be fascinating.


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