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Kentucky AG vs. Virginia AG: Now THAT Would Be A Fun Debate!


I’d love to see Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli debate this guy.

The attorney general of Kentucky is dismissing calls from leading Republican officials to sue the federal government to block the recently passed health care legislation.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Jack Conway, a Democratic candidate for Senate and current Kentucky AG, described talk of health care lawsuits as the baseless meandering of Tea Party conspiracy theorists; not to mention a potentially large waste of taxpayer money.

“Most constitutional scholars looking at this issue say it is absolutely clear that these lawsuits will not be successful,” Conway said. “While it may make for good Tea Party politics for [Republican Senatorial candidate] Rand Paul and Sarah Palin, it makes for really lousy lawsuits. And I’m not going to waste the taxpayer resources of the people of Kentucky on political stunts.

“The last thing I need is a lecture on the constitutional law from Rand Raul or Sarah Palin,” he added.

Wait a minute, “waste the taxpayer resources?”   Didn’t our fine Attorney General inform us that his lawsuit against the federal government will only cost Virginia taxpayers $350?  That is, unless you don’t believe Kookinelli that his staff time on this case, which undoubtedly will reach into the hundreds of hours, doesn’t need to be factored in to the cost. How much do those guys make, anyway, minimum wage? Maybe Jack Conway can ask Cooch about that when they debate. Heh.


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