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Arlington Democrats Fight Change of Government Resolution at Blues Festival


My wife and I headed down to the Columbia Pike Blues Festival yesterday afternoon, expecting to hear some good music and check out the food. We were not disappointed in either of those objectives, with excellent blues bands and spicy Pad Thai. In addition, as I wandered around the festival, I ran into Arlington Democrats hard at work, recruiting volunteers and also urging people to “decline to sign” the “change of government” petition being circulated around these days. For more on that issue, see here. In short, this is extremely bad public policy, like trying to kill a flea with a sledgehammer, but it has a chance of getting on the ballot and possibly being enacted this November, which is why Democrats are trying to nip it in the bud now.  

Anyway, great work by Kip Malinosky (photo at upper left, credit to the excellent ARLnow online newspaper), Maureen Markham, and others (I also saw Arlington County Board members Chris Zimmerman and Walter Tejada, but I’m not sure if they were campaigning or just enjoying the festival), out in the blistering heat yesterday working to keep Arlington one of the best places to live in the country. Looking at it another way, if this thing passes, we’ll all have the “blues.”

P.S. For photos of the Blues Festival, check out the excellent ARLnow website. I’m really glad to see this local, online newspaper up and running.  Keep up the great work, guys!


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