Never Waste a Chance to Exploit Your Believers


    So Sarah Palin is coming to Hampton Roads for something called Freedom Fest 2010; “A Salute To Our Military and First Responders.” These schtiks seem to have displaced the ubiquitous travelling revivals as cash cows. The 501(3)c has replaced the religious tax shield. The final destination for the income is more murky.

    Just what kind of salute is this? Honoring military and first responders by charging them admission to be honored? How about showing a little appreciation by reaching into your pockets and providing them free admission and some beer and barbeque? Smacks of those selections to be “honored” in “Who’s Who;” simply send money to defer the cost of inclusion.

    Yes, a circus is coming to Norfolk. Sarah and George Allen and Ollie North accompanied by Lee Greenwood. While we can’t be certain what the price of meeting Sarah and Ollie might be (“There are very few Platinum VIP reservations left, so don’t delay!”), you can be guaranteed an autographed copy of Allen’s new book with the purchase of two tickets. “What an excellent Father’s Day gift!” You think George is going to direct those proceeds to the local Emergency Medical Services. “You betcha!”


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