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Arlington “Change of Government” Drive: Failure and Farce


UPDATE 4:39pm by Miles: The Arlington County Registrar has officially completed its review & found the petition drive fell far short, with about a third of the submitted signatures being declared invalid.

Is this ironic, pathetic, slimy, or just a complete farce? You decide.

In 2006, [Cheryl] Simmons was arrested for shoplifting and giving her family unauthorized discounts at the Arlington Hecht’s department store, where she worked, according to Arlington Police spokesperson Crystal Nosal. Court records show she plead guilty to felony embezzlement – a more serious charge since it was her third offense – and was sentenced to three years probation.

Late last year, she was in trouble again, for having passed a bad check at a check cashing store on Columbia Pike, police said. She served jail time between January and February for the charge, and in April for the probation violation, according to the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office.

Despite the rap sheet, Simmons apparently found the motivation to collect the third-highest number of signatures for the petition effort, with 2,916.

Quite an operation the Change of Government folks were running there, huh? No wonder why their petition failed to even make the ballot, let alone get approved by Arlington voters in November. But one thing’s for sure, you can’t say these people didn’t try – no matter what it took!


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