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Palin: Not the Touch of Gold Many in So-called MSM Try to Persuade


To hear Tweety (Chris Matthews) tell it, one would think that Sarah Palin is the next best thing to sliced bread.  More than that, Tweety gushes, and, frighteningly, almost drools, every time he speaks of her.  The rest of the so-called mainstream media (MSM) is not far behind.  It’s as if she has sufficient gravitas to lead this country.  As we all know she does not. She cannot even tell a reporter what books she reads or any newspapers she reads. Today, like Sharon Angle, she shuns real interviews.  Instead she seeks opportunities to spread “Tea Party” bull.  She is the patron saint of low information voters and insider radical Repugs.

So, what’s really going on?  All of the hubbub is about one of two things: Either the so-called MSM is engaged in Tweety-like fascination, or they are deceiving you and me. Some even persist in calling her “Governor.”  Yet the half-governor served 2.5 years of her term before seeking fame and fortune on the speakers’ circuit and in the FAUX media. She was a diva-disaster on the campaign circuit and couldn’t get along with her own staff, even throwing stuff at them. Her husband had to help her run the state of Alaska–right from her office.  She’s the only woman pol who has been that needy.

The deception goes on, despite a super majority of Americans believing she is unfit to be either Vice President or President, according to a Washington Post-ABC Poll.  

The same poll found in February of this year that Palin had even lost ground among conservatives.  But never mind.  The lovers of a horse race also love to titillate about possibilities.  It gives them reason for 24-7 empty talk every election year (which is every year in Virginia).

The above video reports merely the latest in the real truth about Palin’s viability as an endorser and pseudo-candidate.  If she is perceived as unfit to lead by 71% percent of the nation, how golden can she be?  Never mind, the Tweetys of Broadcast Centerdom want you to believe them anyway.

So, not to worry about 2012. (Not enough to do nothing to help our side, but enough to think straight about the very small political clout this attention-seeker really has.  It’s limited to “her” base.  

Indeed, as the video shows, Netroots Nation voted her the candidate they’d most like to run against President Obama.  I am not so sanguine.  While I do not think she has a significant chance, because of the seriousness of the (even) small chance she could end up ruling (and it would be ruling) this country, I would rather have a real candidate.  And, no Palin, wouldn’t be.  She just plays one on TV. Along with Sharon Angle and Michelle Bachmann, she taints the political landscape as surely as her media fans do by raising false specters of Palinism.