Poll by Conservative Group: Hurt 49%-Perriello 43%


    Waldo Jaquith points us to a new poll of the 5th Congressional District by the conservative American Action Forum.  The results, for what they’re worth given the group’s obvious pro-Republican bias, are that Robert Hurt leads Rep. Tom Perriello by 6 points, 49%-43%.  These results are wildly different than the SurveyUSA poll conducted a few weeks ago, and which had Hurt leading Perriello by a whopping (and most likely, implausible) 23-point margin. Have things changed that much in a few weeks, are all these polls garbage, or was one of these accurate and other one totally off base? Got me, except that I never believed Tom Perriello was really down by that wide a margin to Robert Hurt.

    By the way, also worth noting is that Hurt’s “name recognition” is 75%, while Perriello’s is 95%. As Waldo writes, “I think it’s good news that Hurt’s name recognition is comparatively low, because that gives Perriello a chance to define him.” Good point, and that’s where Tom’s money advantage – not to mention his far superior public speaking and debating skills, intellect, integrity, work ethic, raw courage, etc. – comes in handy. This should be interesting.

    P.S. Welcome back Waldo to the world of blogging. As he points out, it’s been a rough month for him. Ugh.

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