Sowing The Seeds of Red Virginia


    The McDonnell-Cuccinelli antics add to the fog that provides cover for the unfounded ramblings of the Goodlattes of Virginia. Unchallenged by Democrats, these anecdotes become embedded in the electorate’s world view. That won’t change anything in the 6th District this year. But they wash over Virginia for 2011 and beyond.

    The Mutt and Jeff act is a perfect one-two reactionary strategy. The Attorney General tilts at windmills while the Governor provides a “more balanced” view of principle, sounding reasonable, businesslike, and bipartisan. Meanwhile, uncontested Republicans like Goodlatte (here showing bipartisan appeal) hold town halls with apprehensive audiences where they twist the facts to stoke the fear and resentment. No effective counter from the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA).

    “George King of Lynchburg asked why energy products that are made in China, such as photoreceptors, couldn’t be made in the United States. Goodlatte said the answer lies in reducing the cost for companies to operate in the United States, through lower health-insurance costs and lower corporate taxes.” – reported in The News & Advance

    It couldn’t be the almost slave labor cost advantage…it must be the evil health insurance and taxes. Unfortunately, this plays well in Peoria…or more appropriately, anywhere outside NOVA. And when these trees fall in the Republican forest, the case for a red Virginia is built from the timber.  

    There is a whimper or two out of the DPVA. A piece in the Virginian Pilot by State Senator Deeds (D-25th) challenges action by the Governor on transportation. It plays right into McDonnell’s trap. “After all,” Bob will argue, “how can I do anything without the revenue from selling the ABC stores? Democrats set up the “roadblock” that stops me from fulfilling my plan.” The answer, Mr. Deeds, is that Democrats stand in the way of free market principles and lower taxes. Plus, now we have all that federally mandated health care to pay for.

    Congressman Tom Perriello is going it somewhat alone. Unaccompanied by any semblance of a chorus of fellow party members, he must wake up feeling pretty lonely every morning. He alone will not be able to torch the house the Republicans are building with Democratic assistance. But who is the Democratic Party standard bearer in Virginia? Creigh Deeds? Senator Warner? Pretenders like Ward Armstrong or Dick Cranwell? Whoever it is needs to step up with a coherent message or the Republicans’ will be set in stone.

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