Young Democrats Canvass for Perriello


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    All election cycle, people have been wondering whether Tom Perriello will be able to turn out the voters that voted in 2008 but hadn't before. A large population of these voters (in the Charlottesville area, at least) are students.

    If this Saturday is to be taken as any indication, there's a lot of youth enthusiasm for Tom. Hundreds of doors were knocked for Perriello this weekend by Young Democrats who chose to spend the day canvassing and talking to voters instead of drinking and watching football sleeping or studying. 

    This, of course, was out of only one of the Charlottesville offices. That said, Tom's been down in the polls lately, and if Democrats are going to keep this seat, we're going to need to hit the doors this hard every weekend. Let's fight this one until the end–Tom Perriello is a Congressman we can be proud of in a seat we still can win. So tell your friends and neighbors, knock some doors, make some phone calls, or make a donation, but don't sit this one out.

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