Our Old Friend Dick Wad(hams) Strikes Again!


    Our old friend, former Felix Macacawitz campaign manager Dick Wad(hams), it at it again, this time destroying the Colorado Republican Party.

    [Dan] Maes, the Republican nominee, is actually drawing below 10 percent in the polls. If he were to fail to hit 10 percent in next week’s election against Democrat John Hickenlooper and third party candidate Tom Tancredo, it would officially consign the Republican Party to minor party status in Colorado until 2014.

    That means Republican Party candidates across the board would not be listed at the top of the ballot with the Democrats, but down lower with the other minor parties. The fact that this could happen on the watch of state GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams is just icing.

    Hey, Dick Wad(hams), can you please come back to Virginia when you’re done destroying the Republican Party in Colorado? Even better, can someone promote this guy to head up the RNC? That should just about guarantee Democratic victory in 2012. Thank you.