CBN Absolves Bob McDonnell of Sin


    In the church of my youth, lying was sinning; that was the church of Bob McDonnell’s youth. For Pat Robertson’s ilk, a lie is a convenient tool; particularly when it fosters an essential myth: the myth of Bob McDonnell’s competence. This “white lie,” this budget surplus, is a mortal sin.

    Here is a patently grievous lie right from Robertson’s organ:

    “We said ‘Look, you save money, you’ll have a 3 percent bonus.’ So they saved about $175 million and we spent about $80 million on bonuses. I mean, it really worked well – private sector incentives to get people to conserve and save and be more efficient.” – Bob McDonnell

    McDonnell claims that bringing in private sector incentives carried the day. He must be talking about the kind of Wall Street incentives that led to the collapse of the financial sector under a Republican watch. Bob McDonnell’s lackeys robbed the state employee retirement system to balance the budget. It wasn’t some incentive at the end of the fiscal year. That defies credulity. Stealing: there’s some mention of that in those commandments so many Robertson followers want to display prominently everywhere. But in their minds it isn’t stealing. It is a contribution by state employees; passing the plate, so to speak. You know, the way those banks voluntarily contributed to the James brothers.  

    He’s also working to pull Virginia out of the liquor business by privatizing liquor stores owned and run by the state – a market the Commonwealth took over after prohibition. McDonnell wants to pour the savings into Virginia’s aging transportation system. – CBN

    “Pour the savings” into the aging transportation system. What in heaven’s name? This is as bad as the era when Greek myths were incorporated into the New Testament to cover Theodora’s sins. Sorry, sorry, Word of God and all. From Pat Robertson’s lips to the ears of unsuspecting rubes…

    Out of the Red? Now I understand why Bob McDonnell abandoned the moral strictures of his Catholic upbringing. The truth is simply too painful. But, Bob, remember the wages of sin.

    Merry New Year.


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