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Nick Naylor’s New Message: Plastic Bags Aren’t So Bad!


Project GreenBag - San Francisco BagWhat does it say about the plastic bag industry that they’re now turning to the guy who inspired the oblivious-to-his-own-evil Nick Naylor in Thank You For Smoking? Yes, that’s who’s left to defend plastic bags these days – the lobbying firm of Rick Berman, who’s made millions off trying to convince you that cigarettes, chemicals, fast food & more are maybe not so bad for you.

The Arlington Sun Gazette ran a letter to the editor last week from one of Berman’s minions basically claiming if you touch a reusable bag, you’ll be dead before you even hit the ground. Real subtle, those corporate lobbyists are. (The Sun Gazette doesn’t mention the letter writer is a paid shill for corporate interests, merely listing the misleadingly-innocuous title of the lobbying firm, because the Sun Gazette’s stated editorial mission is making advertisers happy, not giving you the straight story.)

Of course, what they don’t tell you is that plastic bags are made from oil, require additional toxic chemicals to produce, kill hundreds of thousands of marine animals every year & never biodegrade (check out all the gory details).

The simple truth is that breaking our bad habit of plastic bag use is good for everyone except the plastic bag industry. And really, if plastic bags are so great & indispensable, why did a measly 5 cent fee slash DC plastic bag use 80%?

Tell your Virginia General Assembly member you want a trash-free Virginia.


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