Tim Kaine: No Primary Challenge to Obama; He Will Stay as DNC Chair


    According to Tim Kaine this morning on CNN:

    *”…the likelihood of any challenge to the president is virtually nil, and I think the president’s strong performance, and especially the three major accomplishments at the end of the year make it even smaller”

    I agree, it’s totally silly to think any serious Democrat would challenge President Obama, given all he’s accomplished the last 2 years and also given his strength in the polls relative to past presidents after mid-term elections and also vis-a-vis potential 2012 Republican opponents.

    *President Obama is “not going to play ‘mother may I’ with the Republicans,” but “if the Republicans are willing to work as they did at the end of that lame-duck session, I think we will see productive efforts in a number of ways.”


    *”Kaine also said for the first time that he intends to stay on as DNC chair for another two-year term, adding that he looks forward to being the president’s ‘advocate and promoter.'”

    Interesting, I had thought there might be a shakeup at the DNC, with Tim Kaine possibly becoming a cabinet secretary or ambassador or something. Apparently not!


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