Learn Not To Be Fooled on April Fools Day


    Financial advisors lack a fiduciary standard. Ric Edelman is a rare voice of reason and ethics in the financial jungle. Now he is being provided a platform through public broadcasting and you can bear witness. On 1 April he is hosting an event at Howard University. You are invited.

    Talk about a cheap, unique date! Be treated like royalty for an evening in the WHUT TV studios at Howard University. Valet parking, light hors d’oeuvres, and an opportunity for your moment of celebrity. There are some considerations, like wearing apparel and signing a release in the event you appear on camera (witness relocation program participants need not apply). Learn about investments, insurance, mortgages, college and retirement planning, employee benefits and more from an advisor who is on the side of the little guy. This is a unique opportunity to support public broadcasting, demonstrate its purpose of filling niches not served by commercial broadcasting, and should be right up the alley of the Blue Virginia readership.


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