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New Poll: Virginians Favor Stricter Gun Laws


Here’s some new data on gun issues to chew on, courtesy of a just-released poll by Hart Research of 600 registered Virginia voters.

*38% of Virginia households own guns.

*55% of Virginians want gun laws made “more strict,” versus just 5% who want them to be “less strict.” The remaining 35% want them kept the same as they are now.

*Among Virginia gun households, 42% want gun laws to be “more strict” versus just 9% who want them “less strict.” The remaining 46% want them kept the same.

*When asked what the “one or two most important things that should be done to prevent mass shootings from happening in the US” are, 47% of Virginians suggest strengthening gun laws, compared to 17% who say “better mental health support,” 14% who “don’t know,” and 13% “other.”

*38% of Virginians believe the state has done “too little” to tighten gun laws since the Virginia Tech shootings. Only 4% say Virginia has done “too much,” while 34% say Virginian has done the “right amount.”

*Virginians overwhelmingly support gun safety measures like requiring the reporting of lost or stolen guns (95% favor); requiring all gun buyers to pass a background check (89% favor); and requiring sellers at gun shows to run a background check (88% favor). To a slightly lesser extent – but still strong majorities – Virginians support requiring gun owners to register guns (67% favor) and also support banning the sale of high-capacity ammo magazines (66% favor).

*Around the country, large majorities (69%-80%) oppose allowing guns in bars, in government buildings, or on college campuses.

*In contrast, only a small minority (19%) of Virginians want to ban the sale of all handguns.

The bottom line: large majorities of Virginians – and people around the country – want commonsense measures that promote gun safety and prevent gun violence. Hardly anyone wants guns in bars, on college campuses, or in government buildings. All of which means, of course, that our legislators will listen to “the people” and – as John Boehner says – “do just what they demand.” Hahahahahahahahaha, yeah right. In reality, our legislators will continue to ignore “the people” and do exactly what the NRA demands. End of story. Isn’t Democracy grand?

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