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Why hasn’t Tim Kaine given us his decision?


I wonder why Tim Kaine is having such a difficult time making a decision about running for Senate.  He has given Democrats in Virginia a moving target for when he would announce his decision.  At first everyone thought it was to be a quick decision, announced at the JJ Dinner…oops, that didn’t happen.

After the JJ Dinner and the consistent pressure by the Democratic establishment for Kaine to seek the nomination, he said he would announce his decision by the end of the month (then February) or early March. Oops, that didn’t happen, either.  

Below is a chronology of quotes from blogs and newspaper articles about Kaine’s illusive decision beginning February 17 from the Pilot online:

After discussing his options with President Barack Obama on Wednesday, Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine is giving more thought to running for the Virginia Senate seat being vacated by Jim Webb next year, several reports indicate.

From the Hill on February 18:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine won’t make a decision on a bid for the seat of retiring Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) until later this month or early next.

Tim Kaine being quoted while speaking at the JJ Dinner on February 19 by the Pilot Online:

“It is flattering and it’s kind but it’s a challenge too, because I have a job I absolutely love right now,” said Kaine to a crowd that appeared anxious to hear a more affirmative answer. “Whatever the situation, I’m confident that the next senator from Virginia will be a Democrat.”

A quote from Time Kaine in a Politico post on February 24:

“My wife and I are still frankly praying about it and getting advice,” he said. “It’s hard, because I don’t know what we’re going to do. It’s hard because I like this job. It’s hard because being the head of the party is so important. It’s hard because I’m proud of the things Democrats are doing.”

Charles Babington from the AP tweets on February 25:  

At DNC mtg, Chm. Tim Kaine says he’ll announce his Senate plans within a week. Says most important election next year “is the president’s.”

From the Viginia Politcis Blog on March 2nd:

Anita Kumar

Tim Kaine, former governor and current chairman of the Democratic National Committee, will most likely announce whether he is running for U.S. Senate as soon as next week, according to sources close to Kaine.

Kaine is on vacation with his family until Monday, in part to consider the decision, they say. The sources say he will announce soon after returning.

From The Fix by Chris Cillizza on March 10:

The Kaine timetable to announce his decision has been decidedly fungible. Some sources familiar with his thinking said he wanted to make a quick choice and would announce whether he was in or out before the state party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on Feb. 19. Or not.

Today came word that Kaine, who has been on vacation for the last week, would have nothing public to say about his plans today or tomorrow. As for an announcement at an event this weekend for former Rep. Rick Boucher in southwestern Virginia? Not going to happen, according to an official authorized to speak on the former Virginia governor’s behalf.

Today is March 12th, not what I consider to be early March. Kaine, evidently, is going to pass up the opportunity to announce his decision tonight at the event for Rick Boucher.

All this procrastination makes it look as if he really doesn’t want the job as our Senator.  That’s okay. I understand having a job you really love.  I understand not wanting to be an elected official again.   However, it simply can’t be this hard or take this long to decide.  And, if it is this hard, Virginia Democrats should just say NO to Tim Kaine and begin the process of choosing our Senate nominee.


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