Kaine Campaign Slams Allen’s “Blueprint” for Disaster


    The Kaine campaign rips George Allen’s godawful, disastrous, straight-out-of-the-Bush-years “Blueprint for America’s Comeback Demise”. Whether or not we’re enthused about Tim Kaine, we really need to beat “Felix”; what a nightmare.

    Voters have already seen George Allen’s “blueprint” for America during his six years in the U.S. Senate and don’t need to see anymore. As Senator, Allen mortgaged the nation’s financial health to give tax breaks to millionaires and corporations already reaping billions in profits. He voted to explode the national debt, privatize social security and build an economy so unstable that it nearly collapsed. Now on the campaign trail, Allen threatens to use this country’s credit rating as “leverage,” praises a plan that would effectively end Medicare as we know it and promises fiscal conservatism despite a record that shows anything but.

    The only “blueprint” Virginia voters are interested in reduces spending while still creating jobs and economic opportunities. And, Tim Kaine is only candidate in this race with that record.

    By the way, I had a chance to sit down with Tim Kaine’s new press secretary the other day and was very impressed — she’s definitely a sharp cookie. Not to put any pressure on Brandi or anything, but I expect good things coming out of the Kaine press shop over the next 1 1/2 years! 🙂

    P.S. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I really hope we don’t hear Democrats talking about “cutting spending” throughout this entire campaign cycle. The fact is that – as I’ve stated, ad nauseum, on this blog – the Bush tax cuts alone cost $4 TRILLION a decade. Get rid of them, then we’ll talk.  

    • … that anything that “reduces spending” means laying off federal workers here in Virginia? The two terms are practically synonyms.  

    • this:

      What you saw last night was a Republican presidential field that has declared war on the middle class. President Obama even gave their methods a try. He cut taxes. He even extended the Bush tax cuts. President Obama was so willing to take any idea to get the economy moving, 40% of the stimulus bill was tax cuts, many of them for business.

      Well, none of that stuff is working.

      So now, this is what President Obama is going to do: He will announce, in the next couple of weeks, a major Federal jobs initiative that will put every able bodied construction worker in this country back to work rebuilding America. It’s going to cost a lot of money, but by God this president is determined to put people back to work no matter what. Some of these things we are going to do by executive order, and some of them we are going to have to get through Congress. That’s going to be hard, but you will see this President, every single day, going out and fighting these Republicans in their home districts. We may not win, but by God we are going to fight.

      The Republicans will fight us because, like always, they only care about the rich. Their ideas are proven not to work. If tax cuts were going to make the economy work, we’d have 0% unemployment right now. President Obama realizes this because he’s tried many of their ideas and they didn’t work. Now its time to throw the entire Republican economic program in the garbage and try something new: an aggressive push by the federal government doing the things we all know need to be done.

      Make no mistake, their isn’t a single unemployed person or working man or woman the Republicans care about. Not one. But President Obama cares, and that is why, in a few weeks, you’re going to see strong action that will put America back to work…RIGHT NOW.

    • kindler

      Depends what kind of spending they’re talking about.  The discussions about cutting stuff like farm subsidies and closing tax loopholes are very worthwhile, IMHO.

      I also think we are way overdue for the discussion of whether we still need a massive Cold War-size military at a time when we have no specific state enemy.

      We need to get rid of the Bush tax cuts (agreed), cut wasteful spending, and boost useful investments.