The Only Sane Republican Presidential Candidate Is…


    There’s no longer any question about it: Jon Huntsman is the only sane Republican presidential candidate right now (sorry, Jon, I won’t call you “crazy!”). 🙂

    What about Mitt Romney, you ask? He’s not totally bonkers, right? Well, if you can figure out this gobbledygook from Mitt Flip Flopper, then more power to you. I sure can’t. So the jury’s kind of out on that question.

    As for the rest of the GOP field? Well, Rick Perry doesn’t even believe in evolution, let alone climate science (he thinks it’s all a big conspiracy, of course, no doubt of the Freemason-Marxist-Atheist-Terrorist-Muslim alliance), so he’s completely bonkers. Michele Bachmann? Let’s just say, quotes like these make Christine O’Donnell look sane and brilliant. Rick Santorum? Herman Cain? Are you seriously even asking that question? Anyway, as I said, it appears that Jon Huntsman is the only sane Republican currently running for president. Which means, of course, that he’ll get crushed.  


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