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At Whose Expense Congressman Forbes?


Attention 4th Congressional District citizens: Congressman Randy Forbes has a plan, he says, to eliminate “red tape” and expedite road construction projects. But at whose expense?

Congressman Randy Forbes of CD 4 recently introduced his “414 Plan Act“, HR 2924. He says it will cut through unnecessary regulations to to expedite road and bridge repairs. The Congressman holds up as an example a project to repair a collapsed bridge in Minnesota which took only 414 days to complete. What Congressman Forbes fails to reveal about his “414 Plan” bill (see text of bill) is that

  • It suspends regulations that require a minimum prevailing wage for highway construction workers (so we could put people back to work AT LOWER WAGES)
  • It permanently repeals safety regulations for bicycle and pedestrian road projects, and
  • It permanently repeals funding for bicycle and pedestrian safety and access projects.

Why does Congressman Forbes think bicyclists and pedestrians are expendable? And putting people back to work at lower wages exploits employees. We need to raise revenue, not decrease wages. Please raise our taxes, Congressman. Seriously.

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