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Braddock District Debate #2: Which One of These Candidates Doesn’t Want to Be Here?


I just got back from the second Braddock District Supervisor debate between Tea Party favorite and “borrow and spend incumbent” (as the Independent Green candidate, Carey Campbell, keeps calling him) John Cook, the Democratic candidate Janet Oleszek (who I’m strongly supporting), and the aforementioned Mr. Campbell. This debate was different in that it was held at the home of staunch Republicans, and in general was heavily on John Cook’s “home turf” (Note: Can they stack the deck any more heavily in Cook’s favor? Yet he’s STILL unhappy? Can we say “attitude problem?”) Despite this, Cook appeared alternately angry, bored, flustered, and generally displeased to be there. In contrast, Janet Oleszek was composed, civil and articulate, while Corey Campbell ripped into Cook from his right, asserting that he (Campbell) is the real conservative in the race, and that Cook is the “borrow and spend incumbent.”

I’ll post video when it’s uploaded to YouTube, including a couple of heated exchanges that I think you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, look at these photos and decide for yourself, which one of these candidates looks very much like he would rather be anywhere else but there? Hint: it’s not Janet, and it’s not the Independent Green guy. LOL

UPDATE: Ben Tribbett tweets, “Huge error by @JohnCookVA. The Fairfax budget cuts caused cutbacks in Sheriff’s office- which had inmates cutting grass before.”


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