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Eric Cantor for GOP Presidential Nominee!


It has to be too good to be true, right? There’s speculation reported by TPM Rep. Eric Cantor might have his eye on higher office:

One Democratic operative suggested that the video looks like a presidential campaign ad from the man once known as Overdog. The source also notes the fluffy video was paid for with taxpayer funds.

“We finally found Eric Cantor’s jobs plan – hiring taxpayer funded staffers to spend every day photographing every minute of his life and producing videos his staff can watch and tell him how great he is,” the operative said. “Viewers are left wondering if this taxpayer funded self-promotion video is just the groundwork of a VP bid or just a highly active morning of undermining Speaker Boehner.”

I mean, I was pretty excited about the GOP nominating Millionaire Mitt or Like Dubya But Meaner. But Eric Cantor? The millionaire whose only private sector job was working for his dad? The one who brags about creating Washington gridlock? Who held disaster aid for his own district as a political hostage? Who has an enitre Tumblr (NSFW-language) dedicated to what a smarmy jerk he comes across as?

Run, Eric, run!


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