On Taxing Millionaires, What’s the Difference Between Reagan and Obama?


    When it comes to taxing millionaires at a higher rate than their secretaries or drivers (or whoever), what’s the difference between the approaches and philosophies of (Saint, according to today’s amnesiac Republicans) Ronald Reagan and (Evil Socialist, according to the absurd/laughable teahadists, for whom “business-friendly,” tax-cutting, formerly conservative Republican policies are now redefined as “socialist,” simply because Democrats now support them) Barack Obama? According to the video clips above, nothing, really, except perhaps a slightly different word choice. So, why don’t Republicans worship Barack Obama as intensely as they do Ronald Reagan? Perhaps this is all about who’s on what “team,” about making sure “your team” “wins,” and has absolutely nothing to do with what the people on those “teams” actually stand for at any given point in time? Hmmmm.

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