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Photo of the Day: Felix and Friends


Well, isn’t this just heart warming? Three of our favorite Teapublicans together in one photo. On the left is typical Republican corporate tool Del. Tim Hugo (snarky side note: his independent opponent, Diane Blais, is running a BRUISING race against him, as you can see from this video). In the center is our old friend Brian Schoeneman, banned from this blog a long time ago for incessant right-wing trolling, now running for House of Delegates (believe it or not) against the excellent – and likely to win by a wide margin on November 8 – Del. David Bulova.

And, last but not least is none other than Felix Macacawitz, last seen in 2006 calling S.R. Sidarth a racial slur (which it turns out comes from Allen’s mother’s native French Tunisia), angrily denying his Jewish heritage, and listening to old friends and football teammates dredge up stories about how Allen used to blow off steam by such activities as shoving a severed deer head into a black man’s mailbox (in Bumpass, VA), habitually using the “n word,” and posing happily with white supremacists.  For whatever reason, at this fundraising event for Brian Schoeneman, Allen forgot his noose and Confederate flag, not to mention his horse, but I’m sure this virulent worker-and-union-basher didn’t forget his brain-dead/cringe-inducing sports metaphors and smarmy whoring for dirty energy industry.

Anyway, sounds like a great event, I’m really bummed I missed it! (snark) How about you?  

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