Dominion to refund $78.3 million for overcharging its customers in 2009-10


    In their infinite mercifulness and concern for the energy consumers of Virginia, the State Corporation Commission recently ordered Dominion Virginia Power to refund $78.3 million to its customers for making too high a profit in both 2009 and 2010.

    To add salt to this gaping wound, the most recent overearnings infraction counts as the second time in three years that Dominion has been required to give money back to its customers for making too high a profit.

    The truly appalling part of this new chapter of Dominion VA Power’s goal of stealing from its customers is that the $78.3 million Dominion is required to repay to its customers amounts to only 60 percent of Dominion’s overearnings – the percentage that Dominion is required to pay for by law.  If Dominion is only required to pay back 60 percent of its overearnings, where is Dominion’s incentive to not overcharge its customers!

    These are the types of statutes in Virginia that truly boggle the mind and defy all human reason.

    Dominion only gets its way because most Virginian’s don’t know about Dominion’s continuous effort to steal from its customers.

    For justice, for fairness, for clean energy and the future of our state, let’s write, call, and consistently get after Dominion to play by the rules and do the right thing by Virginians.

    Like every dog, Dominion will eventually have its day. It’s up to us to decide when that day will be.  


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