Home 2012 races PPP: Kaine 47%-Allen 42%; Kaine 49%-Radtke 33%

PPP: Kaine 47%-Allen 42%; Kaine 49%-Radtke 33%


So, not only is President Obama looking good in Virginia, but so is Tim Kaine (not surprisingly given that finding, not to mention Felix’s gaffe-ridden debate performance the other day. Check it out.

After getting good reviews for his performance in the first debate of the race last week Tim Kaine has finally gained a little separation in what has been a deadlocked Virginia Senate contest.  He now leads George Allen 47-42.

When PPP polled this race for the first time this year in February it was dead even. The main difference between then and now comes with independents: what was a 9 point lead for Allen early in the year at 50-41 is a now 4 point advantage for Kaine at 43-39…

Oh, and just in case Jamie Radtke pulls a miracle and defeats Felix Macacawitz for the Republican’t nomination, she’d lose by 16 points (49%-33%). All in all, 2012 is looking to be a much better year than we’ve experienced recently. Now, let’s get to work and make sure that happens!

  • NotJohnSMosby

    PPP still leans Democratic, and Rasmussen leans hard Republican.  Still, it’s good news for 10 months and change out – certainly better than being behind.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    It was quite interesting to note that 34% of respondents did not consider themselves “southern” and among them Kaine led 61-29. Among those who do consider themselves “southern,” Allen led, but only by 47-41. Hmmm. Something like that should tell the GOP that their present strategy will doom them to be a minority party in time.(Gerrymandering and hate-baiting will only last so long.)  

  • Charles Stanton

    We have 11 months to maintain and improve on these results!