Dominion CEO recognizes need to decrease fossil fuel use while taking no action


    The CEO of the Richmond, VA based Dominion Resources Inc., Tom Farrell, noted that any national energy strategy must decrease the use of fossil fuels during his Keynote Speech at CERAWeek 2012.

    It’s a relief that Mr. Farrell recognizes America’s crushing reliance on energy sources that are wreaking havoc on our lungs and our climate.

    What Mr. Farrell is really saying is that he and his company want to be at the head of this energy revolution, controlling the market share along with the profits. At least, this is what Dominion’s Robber Baron past would lead one to conclude.  

    Unfortunately for America, Dominion and other powerful energy behemoths want to move gradually in the direction of renewable and high-tech energy sources. Will it be fast enough?

    While Virginians recognize that shifting to new energy sources is no small endeavor, Dominion has made it an art form in stalling to take even the most rudimentary steps towards renewable energy construction and use.

    Rather, Dominion Virginia Power has proposed plans for a new natural gas plant in particular and has not seemingly undertaken the requisite repairs to its nuclear plant at its North Anna Power Station following an earthquake in 2011, according to the Louisa-based group Not on Our Fault Line. In particular, members of Not on Our Fault Line say that North Anna’s underground pipes need to be inspected, especially in the wake of radioactive tritium findings at North Anna.

    It almost seems as if Dominion VA Power were only concerned with turning a profit…

    Of course, some folks may not make an issue of this. After all, we are living under the capitalist umbrella, right?

    The only problem is is that utilities in particular (especially those with a state licensed monopoly on energy) have a social responsibility to not kill their customers!

    Let’s move Virginia towards renewable energy before it’s too late!  

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