The Disgust that is Rush Limbaugh


    I have spent much of my day either emailing or calling the advertisers of the Rush Limbaugh show.  The list was provided by Krystal Ball.  There have been many others, as well, requesting sponsors pull their advertising because of the remarks Limbaugh made about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University student.  She spoke before a Democratic Committee about her friend who ended up requiring surgery to have an ovary removed because she could not afford the contraceptive therapy she so desperately needed.  Instead of apologizing for his remarks, Limbaugh has continued to berate Fluke and now President Obama because he called Fluke to offer his support.

    Limbaugh’s comments calling Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute are so far beyond the pale that I ask you to also participate in this call for sponsors to withdraw from Limbaugh’s show.  At this time, 3 of his sponsors have pulled their ads.  

    Limbaugh’s outrageous, rude, crude statements have been allowed to continue entirely too long.  I do not understand how 20 million Americans can listen to or agree with any of the the consistent inaccurate attacks he has leveled at nearly every Democrat in America.  This time, he has gone too far. He needs to be taken off the air.

    Limbaugh is syndicated by Clear Channel Communications.  After hearing today that Bain Capitol owns Clear Channel, I did a bit of research to confirm that connection.  It does seem to be true that  Clear Channel is owned by Romney’s Bain Capital.  Perhaps someone in the press can ask Mr. Romney how he feels about Rush’s latest trash talk.   Of course, he’ll be against it and then for it two minutes later.

    Rush’s mouth has made him millions upon millions of dollars.  Now it is time for his mouth to cost him his job.  Please call, write, email the sponsors of his show and Clear Channel Communications….maybe even the Romney campaign!    

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