Home 2019 Elections Willard Continues to Mock NASCAR Fans: I wear ‘garbage bags’ too!

Willard Continues to Mock NASCAR Fans: I wear ‘garbage bags’ too!


That’s our Willard, utterly out of touch, elitist, condescending, etc. What a guy.

O’Reilly: You know whenever you make a joke like you did at the NASCAR race, and you said you saw some people in these cheap little raincoats and you go “way to spend the big bucks.” You know, you’re always going to be portrayed as a rich guy who is out of touch with the folks, condescending to the folks. Am I correct? I mean that’s the way you’re going to be portrayed no matter what you do?

Willard: Yeah, you’re probably right. I mean, the narrative that the Obama people want to push and that members of the mainstream media are very anxious to do for them is that anything I do, joking around and having fun, that somehow that fits their narrative.

O’Reilly: …a snob and this, that, and the other thing. So is it worth it for you even to say those things?

Willard: Well you know, it’s hard to imagine all the things they’re going to try and turn into attacks. I mean, that – that’s the first time you’ve – I’ve heard the one you’ve mentioned. Look I have worn a garbage bag for rain gear myself. And we’re out there in the rain. And the rain was getting us soaked. I didn’t – I didn’t have a raincoat myself. I would have liked one of those.

Note to Romney: emergency rain ponchos are not “garbage bags,” and they cost real money to normal, non-super-rich/Grey Poupon people like you. Get a grip!