BREAKING: Chuck Colgan Flips, Budget Passes State Senate


    UPDATE 5:28 pm: For more, see the Post’s Virginia Politics blog.

    …Colgan said the governor had not come through with funding. Colgan said he had simply come to the conclusion that the need to pass a state budget outweighed the need to secure funding for the project.

    “Nothing’s different,” he said when asked why his position had changed. “It’s just a new day.”

    Well, alrighty then!

    • And there are two words right before this moment that better describe my feelings, but they violate Blue Virginia’s comment policy.

    • Presented without comment. Thoughts?

      Statement on the Passage of the 2012-2014 Biennial Budget

      Richmond – Today the State Senate adopted the two year budget 2012-2014 (HB2013). The Senate has not adopted the budget bill that determines spending for the remainder of this fiscal year (HB1300).

      “We said on several occasions that this budget would come in due course,” said Democratic Leader David J. Toscano (D-Charlottesville). “With a budget in place, our schools and local governments will be able to adopt their own budgets well in advance of the close of the fiscal year. This budget took longer than we would have hoped, but in the end, we have a far superior budget to the document presented by the Governor in December.”

      “The Governor proposed taking $100 million from public education and public safety to finance transportation, slashed the health care safety net, and cut millions from the cost of competing funding for hard to staff positions in public school,” said Caucus Chairman Mark Sickles (D-Franconia). “While this is not the budget that we would have crafted, it is a vast improvement over the original proposal.

      We remain hopeful that we can find a solution to the funding dilemma on the Dulles Toll Road and provide toll relief to the families who will face high skyrocketing tolls without additional assistance from the Commonwealth.”

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Colgan is a fossil who should have been retired long ago. I would wonder what he was offered, but he probably did it because of his senility. Even Puckett didn’t flip on this one like he did on the ultrasound bill.

      We don’t have an evenly divided State Senate. We have 18 Democrats and 2 guys who are just as likely to vote with the GOP as they are to have any party loyalty. It’s disgusting. And, then there’s John Edwards who voted to end the one-gun-a-month law because he now has Giles County in his district.

    • Mullins: Gov. McDonnell, Sen. Colgan Demonstrate True Leadership On State Budget

      — Governor McDonnell refused to quit, while Sen. Colgan put Commonwealth first —

      After months of delay and stalling by 19 of 20 Senate Democrats, the Commonwealth finally has a budget. The document approved today is no different than the document rejected last night.

      The difference was one Democrat who was willing to put Commonwealth ahead of partisan pressure.

      Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

      “I want congratulate Governor McDonnell and his team for their success in securing passage of what has to be the single most contentious budget in Virginia history. Despite overheated partisan rhetoric, the governor kept working the problem. He and his team stayed engaged from his address to the Joint Money Committees up until today’s final vote.

      Once again, this governor has shown what it means to reach across the aisle. Even when Senate Democrats dug in their heels, Governor McDonnell kept meeting with, kept working with them to resolve as many of their concerns as he possibly could.

      What could have been a frozen stalemate for months was instead a deliberate negotiation that, in the end, will serve our Commonwealth well. The Governor and his team kept up the pressure to do the right thing in the face of unrelenting partisan games from Senators Dick Saslaw and Donald McEachin. I congratulate the Governor and his team for their perseverance.

      I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank Senator Colgan for showing true statesmanship during this entire debate. When he and his Democratic colleagues had a differing vision for Virginia’s future, Senator Colgan was a forceful advocate for their position. But when the time came to put Virginia first, Sen. Colgan showed Virginia once again why he’s the Senate’s elder statesman.

      Congratulations to both Governor McDonnell and Senator Colgan for digging deep and getting the job done for all Virginians!”

    • kindler

      …when a politician who’s passed his expiration date wants to retire, let him retire.  No shame in retirement.  

    • totallynext

      And some serious candidate recruitment in the 29 th for a special election!  Enough said  

    • Charles Stanton

      the new definitions of acting like a statesman is doing what these regressive republicans want done(or not done actually).