Staunton’s News Leader “Political Cartoon”


    This was published last Saturday in a Gannett newspaper right here in Virginia. A search for it online has yielded no success. The mother paper, USA Today, does not proudly include it in the cartoon gallery. There is no attribution. Even harder to find is any succinct message. Can you?

    “We are being led by a dog eating communist.” – Glenn Beck

    Someone mentioned this cartoon Saturday afternoon. No success finding it online, but a trip to the library located an issue. It appears the campaign of character assassination is raging at the local as well as the national level. The target is the person, not the policies. It relies on perceptions that have been crafted weaving threads of misinformation into a shroud of whole cloth over the past three years. American politics has an ugly history. It is about to get a much uglier future.

    • Teddy Goodson

      It sounds to me more like an evangelical crusade is coming this year, self-induced and full of self-righteous fury (they are psyching themselves up for the battle). very likely some, even many, will be like John Brown in the 1850’s and ’60’s, hankering for violence in the name of the Lord.

      By the way, I really could not “get” the cartoon, and need help (is the clown supposed to be Obama? Bernancke? some other bete noir?)

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