PPP: Kaine 46%-Allen 45%


    Yesterday, Miles reported on PPP’s latest Virginia poll. The first release was on the presidential race, where PPP found, “Obama tops Romney by eight points, 51-43, up from a six-point (48-42) lead when PPP last polled the state last December.” That poll also found President Obama with a 50%-46% approval rating, compared to 38%-52% for Willard “Mitt” Romney.

    Today, we have PPP’s results for the U.S. Senate race between Tim Kaine and George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen. According to PPP, it’s a dead heat (Kaine 46%-Allen 45%), down from a 3-point Kaine lead (46%-43%) in July 2011. Kaine’s favorability rating is 42%-37%, while Allen’s is 38%-38%. Finally, Allen is demolishing the rest of the Teapublican field (66% for Allen, 8% for “Sideshow Bob” Marshall, 3% for Jamie Radtke, 2% for E.W. Jackson), such as it is, for the nomination. Also, those other Teapublicans would  get crushed by Tim Kaine; why are they even wasting everyone’s time and money?

    My main takeaways from this poll? First, it’s yet another one showing Barack Obama out-performing Tim Kaine vis-a-vis their opponents, Willard and Felix. Which raises the question, why is supposed political “genius” Karl Rove running ads tying Tim Kaine to the relatively popular Barack Obama? Is this actually a bizarre attempt by Karl Rove to help Tim Kaine? What am I missing here?

    Second, Allen’s unfavorable ratings should be much higher than they are, given all the information about his sordid past (e.g., “habitual use of the ‘n word'”, severed deer head in a black man’s mailbox, etc.) that came out in the last campaign, combined with what he’s been doing (shilling for dirty energy for a boatload of money) since that campaign. How can this guy be even taken seriously at all, let alone running neck and neck with Tim Kaine? Do people really have such short memories or what? Regardless, it’s FUBAR.

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