America is at a crossroads and Tim Kaine is the man to lead us in the right direction


    The already infamous “super” PAC, American Crossroads, began running its two-week ads across Virginia this week attempting to tie Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine to the hip of President Obama’s policies. The message that American Crossroads is attempting to perpetuate is that Mr. Kaine put the betterment of President Obama over the betterment of Virginians.

    All told, Crossroads is doling out $1.6 million for the 30-second ad that fiendishly throws sound bites of Tim Kaine into a distorted mix of one aggregated falsehood.

    Former Virginia governor Kaine did much to put Virginia in a healthy economic and social position while he was in the executive mansion of Virginia.  Not only did Governor Kaine avoid poking around and restricting the rights of women, Gov. Kaine went on to conserve 400,000 acres of real property in the commonwealth from development  while always working on growing Virginia’s economy.  

    If American Crossroads would put half of the money it spends on ads attacking a man who has proven his commitment to the people of Virginia into helping Virginians out, it could help to make up for all of the bad policies that were pursued by George Allen during his time as governor in Virginia.  

    American Crossroads, like the candidates that this PAC supports, isn’t interested in helping out the common Virginian or American, it’s interested in increasing the power of the folks who bankroll groups like American Crossroads (i.e. the super rich).

    Tim Kaine, on the other hand, is a politician who stands for all sectors of our society, not just one. That’s why, among many other reasons, Tim Kaine deserves to be Virginia’s next U.S. Senator and not his opponent.  


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