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George Allen Supporter, Contributor Charged with Assaulting Woman


According to this story from CBS6, James E. Hinish of Williamsburg was charged with simple assault yesterday after he grabbed a sign (“GOP It’s 2012 NOT 1912”) from a Democratic woman, Kathy Carle. According to the news story, Hinish was shouting about his support for George Allen during the confrontation and was apparently enraged when Ms. Carle suggested that Hinish needed to do his homework.

At 2:11 of the video, you’ll notice that Mr. Hinish, “a longtime conservative legal worker in the U.S. Senate,” is standing in front of his car, which is adorned with not one but two George Allen stickers. It turns out that Mr. Hinish has been a serious financial backer of George Allen. During Allen’s political career, Hinish has contributed thousands of dollars to Allen, as well as thousands more to a variety of Republican candidates (Rob Wittman, Mitt Romney) and organizations (the RPV, RNC, etc.) Hinish is also listed on Allen’s website as a citizen endorser. Nice, huh?


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