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No, Romney/Ryan, It’s Not a Deficit Problem But Rather a Masssive Tax Avoidance Problem


Over and over the Dynamic Duo of Tax Evasion (because they both encourage it by their policies) have separately deceived Americans concerning trickle down “economics,” which is nothing more than a blatant scheme to steal from the poor and middle class.  Whatever deficit problem we have isn’t really the deficit per se. It is a massive tax avoidance problem by the acolytes of and by the uber wealthy. Every single cut Paul Ryan makes with his draconian budget masks that the pols supporting this condone Robin Hood in reverse.  They steal from you, or at least 99% of you and hand it over to the already rich.

Paul Ryan and his budget are at the forefront of aiding and abetting the largest heist the US has ever seen. Between 21 and 32 Trillion are parked off-shore in a blatant tax avoidance scheme. Romney alone has (at minimum) foreign tax avoidance accounts in the Caymans, Bermuda and Switzerland. Now he has selected the twit who pretends to know economics and presumes to tell everyone what they should do on the subject of the US economy. That is laughable, but also outrageous.

In her backgrounder on Paul Ryan, Andrea Mitchell of NBC told the audience that: Paul Ryan studied economics. And (are you ready for this): He read Ann Rand.  BTW, Mitchell is the significant other of  Alan Greenspan, who learned his “economics” from a 10th rate novelist and helped steer  the economy into the ditch. My God, do they still not get that she was a fiction writer, and a crappy one at that??????  

Paul Ryan’s budget, which he and his minions passed in the House (only the Democratic Senate saved us) is so onerous that it quite literally bleeds tax dollars from the poor and Middle Class to give those making $100,000 and more to get a tax cut.  But they reserve the real sweets for the top 1%. It’s appalling how Romney/Ryan pass this blatant attempt to steal from those who cannot afford it an “economic plan.” It’s theft by any other name.  

Additionally, Ryan’s budget eliminates Medicare in favor of  vouchers, which will not enable seniors to afford insurance in the so-called open market. Medicare is a successful program.  Part B is solvent and healthy.  It is the hospital part, Part A, that is running deficits, along with Part D and Medicare for the disabled. Ryan shows a complete lack of understanding wherein the problems lie.

Paul Ryan doesn’t care about seniors, or 99% of Americans at all. In short, Paul Ryan is a drown government (all of it except defense) in a bathtub guy. He would destroy much of the federal government, including programs besides Medicare that people depend upon. As just one of many examples, Pell Grants would be hammered, thus harming the chance that millions can attend college.

(None of this begins to address his attempt to ban all forms of contraception and to give fetuses “personhood.”)

They plan an evisceration of federal funding for education, the environment, clean energy and many other worthy US efforts — all for a contrived problem brought to you by ideological starve-government. aid-and-abet-tax evaders supposed-conservatives.  

So the next time you hear Republicans whine about the supposed “deficit problem,” tell them any “deficit problem” America has is the fault of folks like Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and those very people spouting their bull. Tell them to stop this massive tax avoidance scheme and we’d have no deficit. And while you are at it, tell them: They are the problem.