Romney’s real pledge is to ruin America’s human and environmental health


    When Mitt Romney pledged to “restore America’s promise” at the Republican National Convention, he must have been assuming that America’s “promise” lies in dirty air and nonrenewable forms of energy. Like many of Mitt Romney’s policies, his policy positions on the environment are not as well known as they should be.

    Here are a few of Willard’s environmental positions: “no” to wind power subsides; “no” to the EPA’s ability to regulate America’s carbon emissions; “yes” to Big Oil and Big Oil interests.

    In other words, Mitt Romney’s environmental policies would do more to harm America than to “restore America’s promise.”

    And Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, where does he stand on environmental issues? While Ryan’s ability to complete his P90X fitness routine is impressive, his environmental record isn’t.

    Were the “Young Gun” to become the next vice president, America could expect some of the following policy positions: opening Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration; giving the states the right to regulate drilling on federal lands; approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, that disaster waiting to be spilled.

    While President Obama doesn’t have a perfect environmental record, compared to Romney and Ryan Obama looks like Ferngully. While President Obama has signaled his recognition of the harmful effects of oil spills and carbon emission deregulation, Romney and Ryan seem to be oblivious or simply unconcerned about the negative health consequences to our country stemming from these sources.

    If American’s have any concern for environmental and human health whatsoever, they’ll vote for President Obama in 2012.


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