President Obama Signs New Executive Order to Restore Gulf State’s Ecosystems


    Our socialist president did the unthinkable on Monday, he set up a council to restore the devastated ecosystems along the five Gulf States! The world is coming to an end!

    On Monday, President Obama put his John Hancock on an executive order creating the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council to “oversee” restoration activities bankrolled by new legislation that designates 80 percent of the 2010 BP oil spill fines to the Gulf States.

    As if this incredible act of concern for the environment weren’t bad enough, President Obama will also name the Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency to act as the appointed federal trustees for a separate council created to evaluate environmental damage from the BP spill and make recommendations for mediation projections. How dare this president assign relevant agencies to undertake important tasks!

    While the Gulf Coast Council and the task force which preceded it are not without their problems (what government or private council created for an established goal is ever perfect?), can anyone imagine such a council being set up by George W. Bush that would be in any way effective? Better yet, can anyone imagine Mitt Romney setting up a council to invest in an undertaking without the traditional returns on investment, the kind of returns that the former Bain Capital CEO made his wealth in?

    As usual, EPA’s Lisa Jackson summed up what’s at stake for the Gulf States in lucid terms: “During the oil spill, we essentially ‘lost’ the Gulf for a period of time, and natural resources in the Gulf were extensively damaged. We lost the use of valuable fishing grounds, incredible recreational opportunities and all of the other benefits of a thriving, vibrant ecosystem.”

    As we remember the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks today, I hope we also take the time to recall the terrible consequences of the BP oil spill in the Gulf and all of the other oil spills that go under or unreported by the mainstream media.

    If anyone asks me why I support President Obama on the environment, this is one of the many reasons why. George W. Bush would have probably flown over the BP oil spill if he were president at the time. Romney? Who knows, he probably would have sought to turn the disaster into an investment opportunity for himself and his cronies.

    Meanwhile, our un-American president continues to do good things for our country like promoting ecosystem restoration that benefits those of us today as well as those in the future.  


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