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Rachel Maddow’s Take-down of Mitt’s Minimal Foray into Foreign Policy.


Mitt Romney is so incompetent in the area of foreign policy, he mostly just doesn’t talk about it. It was absent altogether from his acceptance speech. It has surfaced only minimally on other occasions, notably to make outrageous statements about the Arab Spring.

This week Rachel Maddow presented some really important information about Mitt’s foreign investments as they relate to his foreign policy. Rachel’s done some excellent shows of late. But this video demonstrates how she drives me crazy.  She is a brilliant woman. So, someone must have told her to dumb things down, to talk painfully slowly, to take nineteen minutes to explain something that can take much less. We have a limited amount of time to inform the public about what’s wrong with the GOP argument. This will not do.

So here ’tis abreviated:

* 2005: CNOOC tried to take over Unocal, a California oil company.  This was blocked by the US Interagency Committee on Foreign Investments, headed by the US Treasury Secretary.

* Then it tried to by a Canadian oil company,, which drills in our Gulf Coast, within US territorial waters.

* Since the last time the US said no to CNOOC, the Chinese made a huge liquified natural gas deal with Iran.

*  The Chinese admitted that they did it to get even for us selling arms to Tawain.

*  The Chairman of CNOOC talked about the company’s rights as “mobile national territory” and his company as a “strategic weapon.”

*  But Mitt Romney invested in this country’s company anyway. As recently as 2011 he was invested with CNOOC.  This was 7 months after it did business with Iran.  Mitt must have known. Three times he did so (purhased shares).  He sold his shares three days before he appeared at a presidential primary debate last summer.

*  He will claim it was his blind trust.

*  But Mitt himself said blind trusts are a ruse (see video on Rachel).

*  Mitt also wants you to think that the president has done nothing regarding unfair trade practices as they affect American jobs. That’s not true either.

Imagine that.  Mitt Romney’s few mentions of foreign policy concern him getting tough with China. His campaign says his retool concerns China.  Really?

As Rachel notes (paraphrase): If the above is what Mitt did during the years for which he would release his tax returns, imagine what he must have done during the other years!  The man is worse than a serial liar.  He is part of every single problem that besets this country.  And the solution is not to hire the problem himself to make progress.


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