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By His Own Definition, Paul Ryan is a “Looter”


Photo credit: C-Span

People receiving Social Security paid for their benefits throughout their working years.  They did so with their own payroll deductions.  There is an employer’s portion as well. But the worker essentially pays for that portion too, by receiving lower pay. In other words, ALL of it comes out of the workers’ hides (err paycheck) during their working lives.  There is, however, a portion of  Social Security which is not based on work the beneficiary has done. I speak of survivors’ benefits.  Survivors’ benefits are based upon the work record of a deceased person.  I am not here addressing whether or not that is a good thing, though I think it is (a good thing).  This portion of Social Security assures that parents of young children left without a breadwinner get the a benefit for each child until each turns 18.  

Paul Ryan received such a benefit. And then he has the nerve to call Social Security recipients as looters (for using the very old age insurance they paid for during their working lives). Why does Paul Ryan hate old people?

I would like to say, how dare he, he who benefited from a system he had never put into at that point?  The man talked like this vilifying essentially every American, for nearly every American will one day take Social Security, assuming that we do not allow Republicans and a few Blue Dogs to destroy the program.  

It is an intergenerational compact that generations have made to our grandparents, our parents and to ourselves.  And so it will be for our children and their children if we commit to keep the programs strong. That assumes, of course, that we do not let wrecking balls like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney near the program.

Paul Ryan would have you believe the program is unsustainable.  He doesn’t want Americans to know that if only the cap on Payroll tax were lifted beyond those making $106,000 a year, that the program would be solvent for 75 years.

You have to read the article linked above to see the depth of the hypocrisy and contempt for Americans Paul Ryan has. It is so much worse than I am suggesting here. Paul Ryan has pledged to destroy the entire safety net for those who are struggling.  He has pledged to destroy programs we have paid for with our hard-earned money, programs like Social Security and Medicare. Reforming those programs for the long haul cannot be left to those seeking to destroy them.  Nor can Americans trust Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney to steward this country on behalf of every American.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The fact that Paul Ryan had no qualms about taking child support payments from Social Security after the death of his father makes him a hypocrite, a loser, and, according to his world view, a “looter.”

    When my first husband died and my ten-year-old child began to receive a percentage of her father’s Social Security – which continued until her 18th birthday – she was simply collecting a fraction of what Bob had paid into the system and would have withdrawn had he lived a normal lifespan. Paul Ryan is a disgusting little fellow who pretends to be some sort “intellectual.”

    As Chris Mathews said recently, most thinking adults long ago left their teenage love affair with Rand selfishness behind them. Ryan is stuck in adolescent egoism, as was Ayn Rand. (By the way, Ayn Rand, in her old age, took Social Security and Medicare. So, according to Ryan, that makes his “intellectual” heroine a “looter.”)

  • gingerlead

    Why would anyone running for presidential seat call the taxpayers ‘looters’ that paid in all their lives for SS from every paycheck they ever made for this insurance unless they are looking to loose votes?

    If they said more positive things to help the people that are on this rope of hope in their life, as better benefits, better health insurance, the guys would smash Barrack Hussien Obama into the ground with votes from the people. Why are they trying to throw the election?

    If this guy truly doesn’t have any more sense then this he should be dismissed as the vice president runner and another one chosen. Vice Presidents are rarely seen or heard from anyway after the election but this guy is deliberately out there stuffing his foot in his mouth, insulting the backbone folks of America to loose the presidential race for Romney who, has done a lot of the same.

    I want to ask WHY they are even running? To scam the people for millions of dollars just to run? People are desperate to get the dragon Obama out of the White House that is not an American Citizen. Obama put down he was a foreigner on his Harvard University application for foreign aid, is not in the office to help Americans and made a law of the ‘land’ to imprison indefinately any American! Why would he do that? That is TYRANNY.

    Why aren’t the American people insisting the rules be abided for presidency that the runner and president MUST be an AMERICAN and all the other guidelines for it???

    Why are Americans allowing illegals to throng our nation for every tax dollar we have for our own folks? Why does no one care about our country anymore? Our freedoms?

    Have people become so ‘comfortable’ in their lifestyles that they are too lazy to care? They will end up in a country worse then Red China, dictators cutting their children’s heads off because they spoke the ‘wrong’ word!

    It’s time to care America! UNITED WE STAND!