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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, September 27. Also, check out the video of Willard talking about “harvest”ing corporations. Ee gads, this guy can NOT be human, he must be a robot or an alien or something (or a corporation, since “corporations are people, my friend,” according to Willard).

*Republicans’ real problem (“Romney can’t be competent without enraging the party’s base.”)

*Romney’s immigration incoherence (Actually, I thought his policy was to oppose the DREAM Act, support “Arizona’s draconian ‘show-me-your-papers’ law,” and push undocumented immigrants to “self deport.”)

*Romney Campaign Now Says They Probably Won’t Do Their Tax Cuts After All   (Speaking of incoherent!)

*Mitt Romney’s ‘Them’ Problem

*Cuccinelli approves abortion clinic regulations (And the Republican war – and yes, it IS a war – on women’s reproductive freedom rolls on in Virginia.)

*Democrats hit Allen on Social Security in Senate race (As well they should!)

*Kaine Brings Senate Campaign To F.C. for Fundraiser Sunday

*Kaine enlists seniors to slam Allen on health care, retirement

*Partisans ridicule Obama, Romney as they come to Va.

*McDonnell Iowa bound for GOP event in October (Transvaginal Bob for President, 2016? That would be amusing.)

*Businessman who praised McDonnell gets voter contract

*Kaine swings through Southside

*Hurt addresses Douglass’ uranium claims (Actually, in NO WAY did Hurt “address” these “claims,” and actually they’re not Douglass’ claims, but many peoples’. Other than that, great headline – LOL!)

*State Senator Mark Herring Campaigns For President Obama

*Cantor, Powell trade charges on disclosure

*Now’s the time to “do our jobs,” congressmen say at luncheon (Uh, dude, if you had done your job in the FIRST place, this wouldn’t have happened. Duhhhh.)

*The Cretins Are Going To Shut Down TC Again! (Republicans once again demonstrate what a tolerant bunch they are. Not.)

*The Incredible Implosion Of Corey Stewart (It’s fascinating to see how the right-wing Virginia blogosphere LOVED Corey Stewart when he was busy being a demagogue and bullying “illegals,” but now have turned on him with a vengeance when he turns his goon tactics on a fellow white, male Republican. Hmmm.)

*House Democrats reduce ad buys against Rigell (Not a good sign for Dems’ chances in VA-02…)

*Washington, D.C.-based partisan group blast Kaine on coal (Is this a joke? Kaine approved a new coal-fired power plant when he was governor; in fact, that was one area I strongly disagreed with him on, and criticized him accordingly. Also, these people DO realize that it’s cheap, “fracked” natural gas that’s grabbing market share from coal, right?)

*NFL, referees end labor dispute (Thank goodness for the return of high-quality, UNION labor to the NFL. I’m sure all of pro football’s Republican fans, like Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, will celebrate, then go back to bashing every other union – teachers, public safety workers, you name it.)

*Absentee voting under way in Virginia

*Loudoun supervisor’s nonprofit sued over photo (Eugene DelGOTTAGO!)

*Nationals vs. Phillies: Jayson Werth delivers the final blow as Washington nears NL East title

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