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Final Obama-Willard Debate: Open Thread


I probably won’t do a full live blog on this one, but will chime in with some thoughts. Feel free to use this as an open thread.

So where does the race stand right now? According to 538, Obama has a 69.3% of being reelected, versus 30.7% for Romney. Virginia’s rated as a 50/50 tossup for president…so GOTV!

By the way, is anyone ever going to talk about the most important issue facing humanity, which is by FAR climate change? As in, nothing else is even close? Yet so far, dead silence? WTF?

UPDATE 11:08 pm: @ppppolls tweets: “Swing state voters say Obama won the debate 53-42, and are planning to vote for him 51-45”. Also, Obama dominated in the CBS poll, 53%-23%.

UPDATE 10:34 pm: Total domination by Obama, that one wasn’t even close – even more so than debate #2 if you ask me, just a pummeling of Romney by Obama. I just hope Americans were watching this!

UPDATE 10:32 pm: Romney, after badmouthing America the past year, says he’s “optimistic” about our future. Huh? We’re heading towards Greece? Wow, Romney REALLY has a low opinion of America. What ever happened to Reagan’s optimism in the Republican Party? So sad. Oh yeah, Romney’s going to work across the aisle by referring to “Democrat” Congressmen, etc. The guy’s just utterly clueless. Something about holding a torch. Whatever. And PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE elect me president! Hahaha.

UPDATE 10:30 pm: Obama closing statement. Debates, way too many TV commercials, now you have a choice. Romney wants to take us back to reckless/wrong economic and foreign policies. I’ve got a different vision – build on our strengths. Bring jobs back to our shores. Best education system in world. Control our own energy, develop energy sources of future. Reduce deficit in balanced way, invest in America. Maintain strongest military in world, go after those who would do us harm, but also do some nation building here at home. We always bounce back from tough times. I will always listen to your voices, fight for your families, work to make sure America’s the greatest nation on earth.

UPDATE 10:28 pm: Romney goes back to his litany of how America’s economy sucks, how it’s all Obama’s fault, blah blah blah. Romney says “I love teachers.” Schieffer – “I think we all love teachers.” LOLLaden.

UPDATE 10:22 pm: Obama – You are familiar with companies shipping jobs overseas, because you invested in companies that shipped jobs overseas. I put my faith in American workers. If we took your advice, we’d be buying cars from overseas, we’d be sending jobs to China, we’d be losing our lead in clean energy technology. U.S. exports to China have doubled since I took office. We’re going to keep on pressing. We’ve pivoted to Asia-Pacific region with our military after we ended the Iraq War. We’ve sent a clear signal that we’re a Pacific power. Putting pressure on China to meet international standards. Romney claims he’s a “son of Detroit,” so WHY did he say let Detroit go bankrupt?!? Romney criticizes President Bush for saving the U.S. auto industry?!? Obama calls Romney on his Big Lie about the auto industry. Romney just keeps spewing out his bull, flailing all over the place, rambling incoherently. Obama -Anybody out there can check the record, you keep trying to airbrush history. In order for us to be competitive, we have to make smart choices, can’t cut R&D, education, adding $7 trillion to our deficit, having a tax code that ships jobs overseas, none of that is going to make us more competitive. We can’t go back to same policies that got us into such difficulty in the first place.

UPDATE 10:15 pm: Finally, off the Middle East…onto China. Or not. Back to terrorism again? Does Bob Schieffer have any interest in anything besides the Middle East and terrorism? Apparently not. Obama, to his credit, brings it back to China. Obama – We’ve brought more trade cases against China than previous administration brought in 2 terms. We saved jobs throughout America for this. Romney criticized me for being too tough on China (ZING!), but the workers whose jobs were saved sure don’t feel that way (ZING ZING!). Romney goes back to right-wing pablum, “it’s not government…blah blah blah.” Romney says we can be a partner to China (wait, isn’t that too weak or something? shouldn’t we be bombing them like John Bolton probably wants?). Romney talks about companies shutting down and people losing their jobs? Is that a really, really bad joke from the pioneer of outsourcing to jobs, the investor in China, etc? Romney apparently believes starting a trade war with China’s a big joke or something. It’s also a flip flop on his previous position on this issue. Ack.

UPDATE 10:14 pm: Obama – We are engaging countries in building capacity, we’ve stood on the side of democracy, women’s rights. In Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, we stood on the side of democracy. Al Qaeda is much weaker than when I came into office.

UPDATE 10:09 pm: Romney rambling again, lots of factoids but no vision, no unifying theme except “I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT!” Romney says what Obama did in Pakistan was the “right thing to do.” Is Romney making the case for Obama’s reelection tonight? He sure seems to be. Romney also agrees with Obama’s use of drones, president was right. By the way, how on earth is the use of drones by the president an “apology tour?” LOL. Ha, Romney talking about Israel-Palestinian peace, when in that 47% video he denigrated the Palestinians and said peace was hopeless! My god…

UPDATE 10:04 pm: Good for Bob Schieffer, standing up to Romney, who gives his weird snicker/chuckle. Question on Afghanistan. Romney’s rambling…zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Did Romney answer the question? Not as far as I can tell. Obama – We ended war in Iraq, refocused attention on Afghanistan. Bingo! We have met many of the objectives that had gotten us into Afghanistan in the first place. We decimated Al Qaeda’s core leadership, are building up Afghan forces and are in position to transition out responsibly. Obama talks about taking care of veterans, putting them back to work.

UPDATE 10:00 pm: Is this entire debate going to be on Iran-Israel? This is ridiculous; are there ANY other issues in the world? Africa? Asia? Latin America? Europe? Global warming? A million other things? This debate is getting boring, and it’s largely Bob Schieffer’s fault for not raising other topics. Blech. Romney – “Democrat Senators”. Juvenile, unpresidential and repulsive. Obama says Romney’s been all over the map on everything. Obama pummeling Romney on his many, many flip flops, on saying we shouldn’t move heaven and earth to get bin Laden, that we should ask Pakistan for permission – we wouldn’t have gotten bin Laden if we had asked permission. Obama talking about the importance of getting bin

UPDATE 9:55 pm: Obama – Nothing Gov. Romney just said is true. This “apology” thing is the biggest whopper told during this campaign, every fact checker who’s looked at it has said it is NOT TRUE. You’re invested in Chinese company doing business with Iranian oil sector! (Ouch) We’ve mobilized the world against Iran, we’re going to continue to keep the pressure on. Another big lie by Romney that we’re “four years closer to a nuclear Iran.” Wow, Romney keeps going with “apology tour” Big Lie, says Obama “skipped Israel,” blah blah blah. Obama – First trip I took was to visit our troops, went to Israel but didn’t take donors, went to the Holocaust Museum there, went to border towns where Hamas missiles had reined down. We funded the Iron Dome system in Israel. That’s how I’ve used my travels. We’ve stood on the right side of history.

UPDATE 9:51 pm: Obama – The goal is for Iran to give up its nuclear program. We would welcome Iran returning to community of nations. Glad Gov. Romney agrees with steps we’re taking. “You’d do the same things we did, but you’d say ’em louder!” Great line by Obama! 🙂 Obama says “The clock is ticking” on Iran, not going to let them drag this out indefinitely. Romney says it’s “weak” to say you’d meet with foreign leaders. Repeats the “apology tour” Big Lie that’s been debunked by every independent fact checker who’s looked at it. Romney’s just flailing right now, he knows he’s getting his a** kicked and is throwing stuff at the wall hoping SOMETHING sticks.

UPDATE 9:46 pm: Obama – If Israel is attacked, we will stand with Israel. We have strongest military and intelligence cooperation in history. Largest military exercise in Israel this very week with Israel. Iran will NOT get a nuclear weapon as long as I’m president. Their economy is being crippled. We can’t afford nuclear arms race in Middle East. Iran’s a state sponsor of terrorism. Iran has a choice. Disagreement with Romney is that he’s talked like we should take PREMATURE action. Sending people into harm’s way should be last, not first, resort.  Romney – If I’m president (whoops) WHEN I’m president. LOL. So far, no disagreement with Obama on Iran policy, admits that Obama’s crippling sanctions are working! Wow. Again, Romney talks about military option as last resort, but his foreign policy team is totally trigger happy. Major contradiction.

UPDATE 9:44 pm: Romney rolls out the absurd “the Navy’s smaller than 1917” line. Uh…ever hear of technological advances? One ship today can do what dozens (hundreds?) did in 1917. Again, is this guy a moron? Obama – The sequester is something CONGRESS proposed. Obama – We also have fewer horses and bayonets today, we have things called “nuclear submarines” and “aircraft carriers.” This isn’t a game of Battleship. Hahaha, Obama’s absolutely pummeling Romney. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Hahahahahaha. I’m LOVING this debate so far! 🙂

UPDATE 9:40 pm: Romney says he’s going to raise military spending by cutting discretionary spending. Ee gads, that’s insane. He’d get rid of “Obamacare,” which the CBO says would REDUCE THE DEFICIT. Is this guy a moron? Basically, no answer here. #FAIL once again. Obama points out that Romney didn’t answer the question. Nails Romney on the math not adding up, asking for $2 trillion in military spending that they don’t even want! We spend more on military than next 10 nations combined. Obama nails Romney on the hollowness of his economic non-plan, how it completely doesn’t add up. People, are you listening to this? This election shouldn’t even be close.

UPDATE 9:38 pm: Romney claims he’s proud of his record as governor of Massachusetts, which is why he’s avoided like the plague talking about it during this campaign. Makes a great deal of sense…if you’ve got “Romnesia.”

UPDATE 9:35 pm: Apparently, Romney’s giving up on debating foreign policy, goes back to his Big Lies and trickle-down pablum (e.g., that we’re on a “spending binge,” which is categorically not true) on the economy. #FAIL  Obama nails Romney on his pitiful small business record in Massachusetts. Obama says education policy is crucial to our competitiveness in the world. Obama hits Romney on not believing we need to hire more teachers, on his budget proposals that would slash support for education, that undermines our long-term competitiveness.

UPDATE 9:32 pm: Obama says our alliances have never been stronger all over the world, including the unprecedented military and intelligence cooperation with Israel. We’ve also positioned ourselves to rebuild America, bring manufacturing back to our shores, not rewarding companies that offshore; do everything to cut our energy imports. Need to reduce our deficit, unfortunately Romney’s plan wouldn’t do that. Romney has praised George Bush as good economic steward, Dick Cheney as someone who shows great judgment. Romney has proposed wrong and reckless policies. All true.

UPDATE 9:29 pm: Romney says, “When there are elections, people tend to vote for peace.” What on earth does that mean? I have no idea.

UPDATE 9:25 pm: Obama says America has to stand with democracy, no regrets about saying Mubarak had to go. We’re now putting pressure on Egypt’s government to respect women’s rights, treaty with Israel, counter-terrorism, etc. Romney agrees we shouldn’t have stuck with Mubarak (so…once again, Romney thinks Obama’s doing a great job on foreign policy, glad we got that cleared up. LOL). Romney says he wants a peaceful planet, but again, he’s surrounded himself with a bunch of warmongers and chickenhawks. What’s THAT all about? Now the debt is our biggest national security threat? I thought Romney said that was Russia. What. Ever. Oh, and as far as allies are concerned, Romney’s already insulted many of the most important ones.

UPDATE 9:21 pm: Obama nails Romney on suggesting we shouldn’t make sure we finished the job against Qaddafi. Romney claims he doesn’t support our military being involved in Syria, but his crazy Bush/Cheney neocon foreign policy advisers sure do! Obama – Romney doesn’t have different ideas because we’re doing exactly what we should be doing in Syria.

UPDATE 9:17 pm: The topic is Syria. Obama – we have to be VERY careful about getting more entangled militarily in Syria. Romney – Syria is Iran’s route to the sea? Uh, last I checked, Iran had a long coastline on…the sea. Oh, Romney meant a DIFFERENT sea! Heh. No idea what Romney’s saying we should do different, except more arms to insurgents, many of whom are the “Islamist radicals” or whatever Romney says he doesn’t like in Libya, Egypt, etc. Again, my head hurts.

UPDATE 9:15 pm: Romney just keeps talking and talking…and just saying absolutely nothing, except contradicting other things he’s said. God, this guy makes my head hurt, my blood boil, and my stomach churn. Barf.

UPDATE 9:09 pm: Obama nails Romney for being “all over the map.” I really hope Obama points out that Romney is Bush/Cheney Part Deux. This is total #Romnesia. Obama nails Romney on calling Russia, not Al Qaeda the #1 threat. The Cold War’s been over for 20 years, Obama NAILS Romney saying he wants to adopt social policies of 1950s, economic policies of 1920s, foreign policy of 1980s…hahahaha. 🙂 Obama to Romney – Every time you’ve offered an opinion, you’ve been wrong. Troops in Iraq to this day! Shouldn’t have nuclear treaties with Russia. Shouldn’t have a timeline in Afghanistan, then said we should, then said maybe…mixed messages to troops, allies. Reckless leadership, all over the map, that’s not a recipe for American strength. SO TRUE!!! (Romney claims what Obama said is not “accurate,” but what’s not accurate exactly? Uhhhhh.)

UPDATE 9:06 pm: Romney says “We can’t kill our way out of this mess.” That’s unintentionally hilariously, as he’s surrounded himself with a bunch of warmongering, chickenhawk, neoconservative foreign policy advisers – the same people who brought you the Bush/Cheney foreign policy. UGH!

UPDATE 9:02 pm: Random thought – “Boca Raton” means the “Mouth of the rat,” right? Well, that’s perfect for pathological liar Willard “Mitt” Romney.

UPDATE 9:01 pm: Bob Schieffer makes me really nervous, I really don’t trust him at all, and as we’ve seen from previous debates, moderators can make a huge difference. We’ll see.


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